I am an orchid collector and we have them all over our house. I love that its a chique flower and its high so the once in the window are visible above the couch.
I take care of them, and know that the fact that they don’t need much water. So my trick is one icecube a week and thats just a few minutes for all of them all over the house.


Not all of them are in my eyes with, but when i went to all for the icecube and water round for the rest of the plant I found that some of the orchids have mild, and bad leaves.
I hate it !


I have different colors and different heights. The latest is the salmon orange color, but also the ladies of hive @ladiesofhive pink is favorite. I also have sa-nook ones and they have more “plant” at the beginning. The dark green leaves ar firm and grow towards the sun. Its from imported from Thailand, and is sold by a local florist.


But why mold? I think, but I had to research because the black and white mold spot was new to me. I found that its better to give then RAIN water. The water from our tab in holland is to “ hard “.
And some have no problem, but some can get these spots.
So the SA-NOOK ones maybe have more trouble, so I put a vase outside, rain enough and free of charge when, and much for when I need it.


Sorry the picture is not great but this is one of the spots thats sick of the mold.


On the card nothing about this, and no solutions, so I looked it up on a forum, and read some tips. Now I have to see if it will work.


There are a lot of new knobs of fresh flowers so they are stilll healthy I think. They are in a blue plate where some of the rain water that i had in a pot from the garden from last weeks rain.
Maybe @bdmillergallery has had some mold on his ones at home and alas advice.

Purple with white, and this is a small leaved mini orchid. And yes the art is made by me, its one of the boys. In blackl and white.


So I removed all flowers that were effected and left the bald branch to breathe. I cleaned the leaves, and gave some new dirt in the pot.


Here you see the salmon orange and the new ones. I love the vains.


The ladies of hive one. @ladiesofhive


The salmon orange I have in a few pots in two rooms. I blogged about my bleu ones. But they dies, maybe of the ecoline blue used.


After all the care they loook good, roots are in the pot again and the dirt is wet with rainwater. So the mold might be away, but I have to wait what it will show next week.

If you have tips or have orchids to let me know, i love to orchidengage?

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Date : 16 OCTOBER 2021

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