Ladies of Hive Community Contest #61 - THREE WISHES


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This week's contest Ladies of Hive Community Contest #61 gives us two choices of prompts to write about:

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1️⃣ 2022 is on the doorstep! Grant yourself three wishes, let us know why! Maybe it is ideas on changing how we live, clean living challenges, social and cultural shifts, equalizing business to allow all to grow within new technology in creative manner, or something else.


2️⃣ Name three ways you build your online friendships! What do you specifically look for? Similarities in personality, culture, gender, guidance, learning, growth in communications, or something more?

I am choosing Prompt #1 of three wishes to be granted by our own Ladies of Hive genie. She's much prettier than that big blue "man genie" you usually see wafting up out of the magic lamp!

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This is a TALL question, there are so many things wrong in today's world that could use a magic solution! I'm going to go with 2 wishes for the greater good of mankind, and I'm going to make the final wish for myself. Selfish I know because 100 wishes couldn't solve all the world's problems!

Wish # 1:




All the wishes in the world are going to be to no avail if we continue to destroy Mother Earth herself. From pollution to landfills to cutting down our rainforests and everything in between, we are not going to have a livable environment to sustain us. I fear for our future generations and what kind of legacy we are leaving for them.

Wish #2:




There are so many places in the world where people are not getting the basic human right of having food to eat. In a world of so many people who have so much it is unthinkable that there are so many starving. If we were able to lift everyone up to at least basic needs all standards could be raised from there. Keeping so many people in the world in a struggle just for survival is robbing humanity of a whole contingent of people who could be using their will and energy toward bettering themselves and making contributions to society.

Wish #3:



Now for my selfish wish. This picture is of my only two grandchildren. This is one of the last pictures I was able to personally take. Taken at my house on one of their frequent weekends spent here. Sadly, my son, their father, got involved with drugs (he's a college grad and veteran from Operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq) and he's in prison right now. He hasn't seen his kids in almost 4 years. The kids live 75 miles away but my husband and I have picked them for weekends at our house since they were born. Last year their mother got remarried and had another child. I only mention this because since that time, she has decided that my family has been nothing but "trouble" for her and she has shut off all contact. We are not allowed to see them or even speak on the phone. I shudder to think what she has chosen to tell the kids about why g'man and 'g'pa don't come and get them anymore. They loved coming here and loved us as much as we loved them. third selfish wish is that she would come to her senses and allow us back into Roman and Millie's life!

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Thanks for reading my entry and for providing such an inclusive and welcoming community. I would like to invite @opidia to join us here on Ladies of Hive!



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