Hello wonderful ladies of Hive! I almost missed one of the most precious contests of @ladiesofhive - The Mother's Day Tribute. I was just too preoccupied like every single day. Anyway, it's better late than never, right?

Alright, I am just going to make this brief and simple.

Contest Link Below:
Ladies of Hive Community Contest #82

Contest Question:

What are your thoughts on the way women have been treated in the past, and how women are being treated now?

Women play a very important role not only in the family, but to the community as a whole. The distinction between women living in the past and today could vary socially and culturally. In the ancient times, they say that working women were seen weak which is so wrong at so many levels. We women need to create, gain privileges, and need to be more independent in light of the fact that ignorance kills the character of a person.


For the past centuries, they say that men has been liable for planning women's part in the public eye. Over the entire course of time, men have been considered as prevalent while women have been viewed as mediocre. Society has this philosophy that women are the sole workers of a family. Moreover, women have been adversely impacted by stereotyping. They were even depicted on TV as being submissive to men. According to a man's point of view, an ideal lady or woman is a housewife who performs all the family responsibilities herself.


Today, women don't need to apologize for being one, being delightful, being shrewd, and having a character. Admit it or not, it's a fact. Modern women is brought into the world as a young lady that is being sustained exactly the same thing as a kid as well as being permitted to play with horses, dolls etc. Society anticipates that modern women should be similarly comparable to men.

(Photo: my daughter and I)

In My Opinion

As a woman of today's modern generation, I am tough and strong, badass and can live independently. I can handle anything life throws at me - everything for my family especially for my daughter. That doesn't mean I don't get exhausted and tired at times. Of course, I do. That doesn't mean that I don't want to hang up my superwoman power for a bit. I may be fierce and capable, but I am also very human. Some of us tend to forget that. I forget it oftentimes to be honest. We feel like we have to be taking care of everything all the time. It's cool that we can and is a superpower but, it's equally as important that we take things easy as well.

So, while I will still need to finish some chores today, I will also do some self-care so that those who need me get the best of me, and not only a piece of me.


I know this day can be overwhelming and complicated for many, but celebrating women who truly care, love, and guide will always be something I’ll get behind.

A modern inspiring woman should unstoppable. Physical beauty do not really matter. The fire that burns in a woman’s tummy, the spark that roars inside her spirit, the cleverness to forge paths where none were before, to challenge the bad and win, to show us that our passions, our hearts can change the perspective for generations of other women.

Sending Love And Respect

I honor all the mothers out there, in whatever form they take. Women who selflessly give their all by loving those who they love. Those who love with their entire selves. They may not be blood, they may not even be part of your family, but they cherish your heart and love you with everything they have.

Let's all cherish the women in our lives who have impacted such unconditional love and care. They do deserve respect and honor.

Belated Happy Mother's Day to all wonderful moms out there!

I am inviting @drbubbles and everyone (women) who would love to join this amazing contest.


One love,

May 13, 2022


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