She Should Be Treated Like A Queen #LOH 82

Good day hivers, it really nice to be here again after a very long time despite the ups and down all thanks to God Almighty. I'm very sure you having a wonderful and beautiful day. Today I saw an interesting topic from the #LOH and I decided to join the contest and talk about it.

What are your thoughts on the way women have been treated in the past, and how women are being treated now?

It's far better according to the history though I did not meet it, but it's something we heard from our parents. In the past women were treated like slave and they did not even care about female child then even in the education aspect. They believe that a female child can't succeed or go far just to cook, get married, give birth and raise the child. They treat women anyhow, they beat them, shout at them even when they tried doing their best, they do not always appreciate them.

But nowadays, women are striving hard to become someone better and prove to men that we can do more than their expectations. Alot of women outside there are now doctors, lawyers, engineer, and even a good mother. If a guy should raise up his hand to beat a lady in this period, such guy will rot in jail. Our mothers also take education so special that they don't want us to be like them (slave) but want us to have the best(queen) and be the best.

Do you believe that God created women to a lower station in life, and we don't deserve anything more? Or do you believe that women deserve equal respect and treatment?

We all have the same right, some churches still have this mentality that woman can't pastor a church which suppose not to be so. Married was instituted by God and even the Bible confirmed it that women are helpmate not slave to men, so therefore as women are helpmate same as men are helpmate to women. Women are not created to be in a lower station, an adage say 'what a man can do a woman can do better' so women deserve more. She deserves to be treated as a queen not a slave.

In my country Nigeria, I haven't seen a lady to rule the people, because their believe is that we women have no power or strength to rule. They believe we are weak and not capable to rule a nation, the right a man have to rule a nation a woman also have the right to also rule. A woman is not just only meant to be in the kitchen, as a woman can cook the man should also have this mentality that they can enter the kitchen to also cook. We both have equal right.

Women should be treated with more love and respect because we deserve to be happy. I will say I love the era we are now, and I even want something more better. We are queens and we should be treated as one.😎

I will like to invite @omosefe and @princessbusayo to also participate 🥰
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