Some Materialistic things are valuable because they Bring us joy

Ladies of Hive week #132

Materialistic things aren't supposed to be valuable in life but Some materials bring Happiness and joy . For me its mostly things i made with my Siblings.

For example i bawl my eyes out if someone crafts something for me. Today i bought clay and decided to craft something cute with my siblings today . So the clay im using is an air dry foam clay called Super clay and its so so good to work with and it dries with a matte finish yet its a more affordable play dough material .

Today i made tons of cute mini stuff .
I made this mini octopus plushie look alike this resembles the plushie i have .

I also made a cute little chick with glasses and bunny ears this was really the cutest one .

I also made Brownie and Cony from Linechat characters .
Then i made some flowers i might do a diy with these flowers soon . I made a mini cutesie sun and a Axolotl .
After making it all I actually did a coat of clear pva Glue on top this acts like a warnish.

So these were all made for my Cousins Bday which is soon coming and she loves mini cute dolls.
Should i post a tutorial on how these were made too?

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