Responsibilities over little shoulders. (LOH#148)

This weeks LOH#148 Topic was a very interesting . It was about Kids being burdened with Responsibilities by Their Families . Now in my opinion there is always two point of views to see a thing.

Now in my home after I was in 8th standard I was told to cook and learn cooking in Kitchen with mom , that followed by chores like dusting ,taking trash out ,bathing my little siblings , making tea for all and opening doors at anytime of the day .
Now this routine wasn't just for me but when my brother was a certain age he also learnt similar things and we would divide duties . The reason my parents did this was to make their kids more mature and responsible we weren't doing everything we were just helping around and that way we also would get paid a better pocket money.

Now as I say that my heart wrecks because not all kids are fortunate and not all parents are that affectionate. Some people are forced into adulthood at younger age I have seen many many examples like that.

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Forced Child Marriage:
When I was in 9th standard there was a friend named Khizra I really adored she always got straight "A" in every class . She was punctual. I loved talking to her because she would teach me the lessons very easily . I often told her One day she will be a great teacher . Her dream was to become a Professor and teach at a university . But it all changed when her dad got her married at 15 to her family friends son who was also 16 . Its illegal here to marry minors but the police were never involved no one said a word and we all knew it after 2 months of her marriage. The way we found out was that she had a baby bump at 15 and it was almost time for our exams . Khizra's grades didn't drop she aced each test still but as the baby was born she was forced to drop out of the school to care for her baby . I still remember how all her dreams were shattered with just responsibilities that weren't hers . They took her freedom away and told her that her only priority is her baby . I would say no matter what at least if she was given a chance to study she would have proved everyone wrong . They took that chance away too.

Another story is of my own cousin and this one is a bit different .

Responsibilities passed on:
My aunt had Stomach ulcers that she didn't treat and always was like its just a little stomach ache drank remedy potions until the day she couldn't bare it any longer her daughters being 14 and 17 at that time were sad to see her this way they couldn't afford a nurse for her and now she had a surgery due . There dad was busy in the office earning money for the surgery and my cousins looked after the home from cooking to laundry and everything. Not only that now they were looking after their mom too and after the surgery my aunt went on a feeding tube and my cousins were taking care of her like a baby . Up until my aunt died . The most sad thing is that I see them too mature for their ages working so hard . They should have been going out having fun instead they were given responsibilities by fate .

Some are forced by family some by fate and all we can do is Pray that may they be strong . There is a big difference between giving kids Responsibilities and taking their life's away with our bad decisions 😔. I think the world should understand that.

Thank you for your precious time and support ❤️

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