LOH#161 Eggless Chocolate Pudding for the festive season

This week's LOH#161 topic was to share a recipe for the Holiday season .
Well we don't really celebrate Christmas here in Pakistan like all the other countries do . Yes Christians here do that but the hype is not same . We don't do anything special for the day but to celebrate the season and as we welcome new year I always make sure to make Chocolate loaded cakes , hot chocolate or pudding . So this is a recipe I loved making for my family this winter.

Here is my mom's YouTube Channel where I had uploaded it before

and I will upload the recipe here again but in English .

It's pretty easy you just need 4 ingredients .

Ingredients :
• Cocoa Powder 3 tablespoons
• milk (Any) 1 Glass
• cornflour 3Tablespoon mixed with water in a slurry
• Sugar one cup
(This is for 2 servings only)

Recipe :
Boil the milk in a pan and add cocoa powder in it and stir as it boils add your sugar . Let the sugar melt and add you corn flour slurry let it cook on medium flame till the mixture thickens . Put this in ceramic cups and garnish them with dark chocolate on top . In end Let it Cool down .
Tbh it really turns out to be a jiggly pudding but literally a cruelty free Alternative .

I personally loved it .

Thank you for your precious time and support

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