Ladies of Hive week#133 Entry (A super mom i knew)

As a Kid i used to be amazed by the super mom of my class mate . In 5th Standard Romaisa was my seat mate she was the girl with the cutest hair do and the coolest lunch . She always had her Hair in a bob with cute ponytails . Her Lunch was always filled with Chips and Cupcakes that were store bought . I was always jealous of her mostly jealous of her having the coolest most confident mom . Her Mom was a hair stylist at a Hair salon . I always admired her Styled hair and Clothes with all that added to her Charisma.

I became Friends with Romaisa just so i could see her Mom often. To my surprise Romaisa never liked her lunch She always told me your so lucky your mom cooked all this lunch for you in morning. When ever we had a Conversation she always asked me about incidents that involved my mom . One day i invited her to my home and we had dinner at my place i remember my mom making Shami kabab and Fried rice for us which Romaisa Gobbled right away . I thought out of all the Sodas and Store bought Treats fast food she loved Home made food alot. Which was strange for me . When i asked her about it . Romaisa simply weeped . She told me things were different from how i saw it. Her mom was a Single Mother who was working day and night for her good education and lively hood . She hardly had time to spend with her cause all her time was spent making money for her education. Romaisa said she was home always with her Grandma and often stayed late to wait for her mom . Sometimes she came in Midnight even . Often Romaisa feared if she caught into an accident or if she was abducted . She told me how her mom cried some nights looking at her deceased husbands picture . Because the strongest woman are strongest because there is no other options for them. I was just sad .But all this lead to me appreciating my Housewife mom more and even more appreciation for the moms that work hard day and night .To afford A good living .

Must have been a hard Struggle for her . When i saw Romaisa with a broken ankle on the Playground . She had to rush to the School from 2 miles away because she was the only Parent .

As an adult now i realize how Romaisa's mom must have felt . Is Romaisa okay , Did she eat , i hope she doesn't hate me cause i spend less time with her , she is growing fast , when was the last time we had a meal together , when was the last time we went to a picnic .

A Single mother has to care for her child making sure they don't Make them feel neglected also ,they have to work hard to pay the bill . Both duties of a parent are a tough job. No time to get sick No time to relax a constant eye on the phone incase of an emergency . Then again the feeling that you're not giving enough to your Child they need you.

I salute all the Mothers out there and Mostly the Mothers who Play the Father too ❤️

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