The most important reason why we shouldn't give up.

Right before I go to bed at night, that is after completing my task for the day, I like to get some news updates on happenings in my country and around the world in general, that also means that I will get some juicy celebrity happenings, it was the birthday celebration of a popular Nollywood actor, if there is someone I admire and I am usually happy for how well his success came all together, then it has to be him, the way he grew from being just a random one scene actor to becoming a famous and main scene one is something I love so much.

Yesterday was his birthday, and for the first time, he shared the story of how he had to walk for hours to get a back role scene, he would act roles for movies and beg for food afterward, on several occasions he was advised to give up on acting, and focus on something else, that was highly surprising because this young man is definitely skilled at what it does. Now, he is very big and doing so well that he has so many young actors looking up to him as well.

I was glad that, he shared his story because that really got me strong and re-motivated to believe in myself and keep pushing. I would never have thought that this same successful man who has several cars now once walked under the scorching sun for hours without knowing where the next meal would come from and still failed to give up on himself.

The road is pretty tough at the moment for some of us, there are moments when we even get scared of what the future really holds for us, but one thing I have discovered about giving up is that the wait is never even worth it at all. The fact that we may also not know how close the breakthrough is, makes it very difficult for me to think of giving up. Isn't it scary that you have been trying and working out on that dream of yours for years, and then maybe the next action you are supposed to take, will give you the breakthrough you have been looking for, but if you choose to give up on that dream now, then it may never happen?

For me, the fact that we do not know if the next step we would take will give us the long-awaited desired result makes it scary for me to give up on my dreams and on myself. I felt motivated yesterday and I choose to share it with you, friends so you also get motivated and refuse to give up on yourself and your dream. Thank you for reading, and I will see you in the comment section.

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