How I manage stress

Coping with stress is not too easy but it's very important to manage our stress because if not we might break down.
Let me tell you some personal tips that helps me cope with stress.

Tip 1 Remian positive

I remian positive and this helps me control my mental health and this makes it easier to manage my stress, things I can't change I do not think so much about them.
I try as much as I can not to be anxious because our heavenly father warned us not to be anxious for what the next day will bring.

Recently transporting myself to work has become very difficult because of the scarcity of fuel that Lagos state is facing, so instead of thinking over what I can't change which is the present situation I focus on building my mental health around reading and meditating as a result I won't be worried about my present situation.

Fix your mind on learning new skills, just get busy and time will pass away with some stress.

Tip 2 Taking care of myself

Take a cup of tea I take a cup of chamomile tea every night before I go to bed and this helps me to relax my nerves and induce me to having deep sleep, when I wake up next morning I look new and life continues because everyday comes and goes with it's own stress.
Enough sleep reduces stress.

I always exercise to sweat away some negative energy that might affect my health. More to that I also give myself a break and am always selective when it comes to what I wacth and read because whatever we view or listen to has an impact in our lives.

Tip 3 I always set a reasonable standard

I never try to be a perfectionist I make sure I set a reasonable standard that are modest, I try not to do beyond my range because I know my limitation.
I quit whatever causes me much stress than I can control.
I try to make schedules so as not ran out of time, I set my priorities and I try not to Procrastinate.

In summary I always check my performance and know where to adjust and how to do it. I also do not hesitate to seek suggestions from trusted friends.
May I know how you manage stress in the comment section.

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