Money and Good Leadership//Loh #172.


Last night, before going to bed, I spoke with a close friend of mine. She was frantically worried about how things were in the country, and I felt her pain because I felt the same.

Her concern wasn't just for herself but for others who could barely afford to eat when the country was fair and how they were coping now. What would they do, and how would they do it? I have had that concern, too. I always have my mind going out to people in need, but the hardest part of it all is that I can't help much. What gift can be given to those people to help them see that life is worth living when death is the most beautiful thing that would help chase off hunger?

I have thought desperately about what can be given. Is it a heartfelt word? Or something more? Those words and more bother me, and this brings me to the Ladies of Hive contest by @meraki7578

Forget Valentine's Day — how do you truly show someone you care? Is it a grand gesture, a thoughtful gift, heartfelt words, or something different entirely?

Immediately I saw this prompt, my worry came to the surface again. A deep sigh left my lips, and I was left with tons of questions, but the answer I could come up with is Money and Good leadership.


At this point in my country, saying words to people is not enough. Imagine meeting a very hungry person and sitting them down to advise them. It'll never work because what they need at that moment is food that can be gotten with money. And I am not financially buoyant to help as many as I would love to help, but I know I do my best even if I know it is not enough. Deeply, I know if I had more, I know places I would spend them at, give people not just money, but something that will never make them hungry which is one of the basic thing in a human life.

However, at this moment, I can just help a little because I have responsibilities to shoulder myself. This is why I don't believe that Valentines Day should only be the day to show people love. I know for sure that some people choose this day to give to the poor, but what happens after February 14th? What would they eat or drink?

Whenever I think of this, it always fuels my tired limbs to work because of what I'd like to do. Since there's an absence of good leadership, which the country by all means truly deserves, it is sad to see that things are not right. The prices of things have skyrocketed beyond the average means of an average man. It is too much because if the people who can afford just a meal a day can barely afford any now, how can they help those who could barely afford things when things were a bit fair in the country?

It seems like everyone is in a shackle. An invisible shackle framed as freedom. Where's freedom when people can't even perform their fundamental human right? Where's the love in watching people starve endlessly without being able to help. It all boils down to the fact that those who truly intend to help can't even help much, and it hurts.

Nevertheless, I have found myself in situations where words, grand gifts, and thoughtful gifts have been given out to show my affection to people without Valentine's Day. And, I must admit it always brings a smile to my face too. If you are a true giver, you'd understand what I mean. The feelings felt are uniquely beautiful and want me to give more.

Therefore, I am always ready to give whatever I feel right to the people I care about though what I would really like to give a bigger part of them is something I don't have the power to give and that is good governance for I believe that if the nation is good, there are some basic needs that would be met and that alone is a big victory to those that needs it. A perfect gift for survival.

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Still yours truly,

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Peace be unto those who crave it and more to those who chase it away.

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