LOH #100//what to do to avoid online dating scam.

Hello everyone it's another episode of the ladies of hive contest and for this week I will be writing on the number two question of the ladies of hive contest.


2️⃣ Romance scams are on the rise, and anyone can be a target. Scammers create fake profiles on dating sites and apps, or contact their targets through popular social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. They strike up a relationship with their victims and build trust, sometimes over months or even years. They eventually ask for money, often pretending to need it for medical bills, travel costs, or unexpected emergencies.
What will you do to avoid being a victim of dating scams online?

Romance scams are on the rise because of the frustrations people are facing daily regarding dating, some are on romance site because of family pressure or peer pressure influence,when scammer see that you are dearly in need of a relationship they strike from there,maybe when you are too vulnerable, they use your vulnerability to attack you.

I choose to talk on this because it's an interesting topic,I don't like online dating personally but if I choose to try one I will look out for all the red flags or dangers I need to avoid.

What will I do to avoid been scammed through online dating?

1. Not putting out all my information.

I will make sure all my information is not on the website or directly giving it out to the person, what do I mean by this? If all my information like financial information or career or important information is out, it will be easy for dating scammers to locate me and create friendship with me and on the long run they will end forcing their way into my life.

2. Checking out their information if it's real.

It is normal for their information to be wrong, so if anybody chat you up and tell you their name and send you thier picture too, verify their names and picture online or send it to someone who is online genius so they can help find out about them if they are real or not, most times they don't have social media profiles or if they do it will just be one picture, so you have to confirm if they are authentic or not.

3. Don't talk about how well you are doing in your career.

There are limits to things, they probably want to know if you are well off or just struggling, don't be open with them on that part, keep them in the dark, keep your personal information secret if you don't want to be scammed, if I were to be the one I will start to pick out information from the way they talk to me, they are always interested in your personal details, so try to keep that at a distance.

4. Don't send money even if they ask you or they don't.

They are very cunny and so they won't ask you immediately they start to talk with you, since they already builded trust with you over the months or even year, can I also say they can be so patient so they can get their hands on your money, they will make sure you trust them so well, so no matter how much you trust them don't send money to them, they might tell you they are doing a project or their family is sick or they want to come see you but they don't have money, always verify, don't be gullible.

Can I also say that there are some scammers that see you physically, they already know where you are living so they know a whole lot about you, so because you are desperately in need of a relationship they come in on that ground and form a bonding relationship with you, they make sure you trust them, infact they will buy you things but they are only waiting for the time to strike. They will only strike when you've already trusted them

How will you know if they are romance scammers.

No 1. You can't Know where they live, when you ask them to show you their house, they will take you to an hotel, they lie by saying they just came back from the United States and they don't have a house yet, they are building one already and all manner of lies will go on, all they do most times is come to your own house and see you, you will never meet their family members, the only people you can meet is their friends.

No 2. They might spend lavishly on you that you will think they love you so much, they will treat you right as if there is no one again but all they are waiting for is to gain your trust and then scam you, they always go for the Rich people.

No 3. They end up telling you the business they started is about crumbing down and since they already told you about the business before, they expect you to give them money, or they tell you their family member need so so amount for surgery,when you ask them you want to see them,they will give you another excuse again that will make you not to see them,you need to always be careful, always watch out for all the excuses they give, they don't always come out straight all the time.

And this where I will drop my pen,I hope you have learnt one thing or another, don't fall for romance scam, always be vigilant.

I will like to invite @gloriaolar to participate in this contest.

Thank you for reading 👍💞.

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