Ladies of hive/contest #97/what can I teach you?

Hello everyone, welcome to ladies of hive contest, it's another new day, we have two questions here but I will answer number 1 of it

1️⃣ What’s something you could teach me about?


2️⃣ What’s the most useful thing you own?

So moving on I would like to teach you how to make cake and some snacks, while I was growing up I really loved cooking or making snacks, it was my passion, when I left secondary school all I did was work I didn't learn anything because I needed money, during the year 2020 I decided to learn cakes and snacks, my boss really tried for me, she stood by me during those times, I lost my dad during those times too so I was more passionate about the work.

So here are some little things I would like to teach you about;

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4 eggs
2 cups of flour
1 butter (sachet)
2 tablespoon of baking powder
1 sachet of milk flavour
½teaspoon of salt
½cup of sugar for people who don't really love sugar but 1 cup for the lovers of sweet things.
2 teaspoon of preservatives
1 teaspoon of vannila essence


first mix the butter and the sugar in a bowl for more than one hour with hand using mixing Stick or 30min with mixer,make sure it's really fluffy

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Then break the egg and mix it well, and add it to the mixed butter and sugar and mix well.
Add vannila and preservatives to the mixture.
Add 1 sachet of milk flavour,2tablespoon of baking powder and ½teaspoon of salt to the floor and mix well,then add the flour to the liquid mixture of the butter and sugar and mix well,must not be hard.
Coat the inside your baking pan with little butter all round,then pour your batter into it and place inside the oven until it's done and ready to eat,to know if it's done put 1 little stick of broom or matches inside and remove it to see if there is any crumbs on the stick,if there is and not not sticky it means the cake is done.

Image by me


Image by me

2 cups of flour
¼ cup of sugar
Little butter like 1 spoon of butter
1½ tablespoon of yeast
1 sachet of milk flavour
Warm water


Get a bowl,pour the flour inside the bowl,
Add the sugar
Add the butter
Add the yeast and milk flavour and mix all together with your hand, mix well untill everything is mixed together including your butter and now add warm water to it and mix, don't let the water be too much, don't let it be watery, cover and place inside sun for 30 to 1hour,let it rise, once you check it and it has risen, then you can start frying.

So those are the two things I thought I should teach you for now, thanks for reading, you are all loved.

I invite @maryjacy to participate in this week's contest.

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