#90th edition of ladiesofhive contest; my business plans

1️⃣ Tell us about your passions, such as painting, dancing, drawing, knitting, taking pictures, etc. The sky is the limit — anything that makes you happy is a passion!


2️⃣ Tell us about your venture, project, business, or plan to improve your economic situation. When the idea appeared, how did you make the business plan? Has it been difficult to find suppliers or inputs? Have customers identified with your service?

This is the 90th edition of ladies of hive contest, and I would like to talk about the second one which is talking about business, venture, project.

I have always loved catering and cakes, so it wasn't difficult to find what I love doing and make it my business, when I was in secondary school I went for catering and craft, it was what I loved doing, I love cooking, so I thought about It that how can I gain from what I love to do, since everyone likes snacks I decided to go and learn more about it.

My parents love for it also encouraged me, I decided to learn cakes, snacks,foods in 2020/2021 , my boss was good in the three aspect, even decorations too, after I finished my learning, I started making cakes for quite number of people, I made snacks too.
I have alot of pictures of the snacks and cakes I made myself.

Doughnuts in the making.

My plans to improve my economic situation

I want to start small and then extend it by owning a restaurant, that is my idea of going Into catering, I know it's not easy and hasn't been but I'm looking forward to getting there. I know In this difficult economy,it is not easy to get to the top without doing something or have a vision of where you are going,so this exactly why I'm working hard to help myself become a better person that I will be proud of.

Chapman with ice for a birthday party.

Have customer identified with my service?

Yes of course, though they are not much yet but yes I'm growing, finding customer is the real deal but as long as they identify with my product, they stayed glued to it because they always love it and they will always come for more.
Sometimes they also refer me and that I love the most, it's called connection, when someone refer you to another person and that person refers you to someone else,that is what makes the business grow.



Doughnuts and eggroll packed in a disposable plates ready for delivery.



So these are some of the things I made and I hope you like them.

I'm also inviting @maryjacy to participate in this contest.
Thank you all for reading to this point, thank you for your time.

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