Where a nature lover grew up #contest 46


The place where you grew up contains special attributes because of which you have affiliation with that place. So I am going to answer the question by @ladiesofhive

1️⃣ What was the best thing about the place where you grew up?


I grew up in a town where the environment was supportive to me. I don't mean the community of people who would assist me to grow up, I meant the natural environment I had. I believe if you can inhale the fresh air numerous times in a single day your lungs work faster hehe. Apart from this, does it motivate the psyche to observe the optimistic aspects?


My cousin inhabited the place where enclosure into four walls affected their mindset too. Still, what I say about the environment and wildlife( as its requirement another f subject) each reference is being fed in my mind through observation. Let me show you my hometown,


No toxicity in the environment widened my mindset, I am the girl whose celebrations are always related to nature. No one can be so jolly and happy except rain. I can sing and dance for an enormous time 😁 ( in reality I don't do this for anyone). I wouldn't stay at any place where the environment is not friendly.

Green land and fresh air are vital for my survival. So the specialty of my hometown was the natural environment. Animals hahaha literally I observed them very well. Being a biology student, I was the only person who collected all the herbs from the home 😂 yes my second home located in the village is the only garden where you can find herbs, shrubs, fruits, veggies, and everything.


Seeing my herbarium 35 herbs having the reference was shocking for my examiner. Thanks to my hometown for this support. I viewed natural phenomena there, even did some dissections in my home including fish, chicken, goat hehe. says Dad says you have a practice like a butcher now. So what else I would desire for,

*As far as education is concerned, was near my town and I used to walk there each day.

Ahhh I had an awesome time, crossing the ponds along with my brothers. Climbing the trees with the monkey, catching the butterflies, and opening the pupa stage to help the caterpillar to fly lol I was silly. So I was blessed to have such an incredible place.

Thanks to my sis @aimharryianne who invited me for this interesting contest.
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