Brave like Mulan 🦸‍♀️


Fictional characters are not only characters they dominate our life too. For me, animated films are not only for recreation. I have the ambition to learn lessons and motivation from them.

Which fictional character would you like to meet and why

I wanted to meet Mulan. Don't know why I am fascinated by her but yes there are multiple reasons which made me impressed by her personality.

  • Mulan the lady of honor;

Molan is is the girl who saved China. She was the motive that stimulated the whole military to combat against the enemy. The time when she was greeted at the marriage office she couldn't make a lonely voice. Instead, she pursued the orders of her grandmother and tried her best to win her heart but unlucky she was repudiated. She wasn't disheartened, at least she felt unfortunate that she can't become proud of her family.


  • Adventurous ;

The time when he hears about the illness of her father, she comes forward to save his father's reputation and cuts down her hair to get the boy's look. This massive decision gives me the strength that if you are willing to do something you only need to forward step. Don't think about the outcome just think about why it's vital for you. When I have to choose the subject for the master level studies what I thought was my interest and opted for zoology. This decision made me afraid a bit as I had strong opposition regarding the scope and benefits.


  • She eavesdrops to her heart;

No matter what the world is saying when your heart is giving you the righteous side. Go for it. The voices around her endeavor to interrupt her. But she formulated smart decisions and fought for goodness. No matter how extraordinary the enemy is. She combats with her ideas.

  • Creativity;

She approves the best way to ensure the country fellows. the old method is not embraced by her rather she brings creativity. Innovative ideas are liked and relished by her.

  • Receptive for learning;

She doesn't make a statement when she gets opposed instead she wasn't a to get improvement. Her struggle is not with the world rather she has to restore herself firstly. I always wanted to bring changes in me and when someone comes forward to teach me I make myself blank and accept the appropriateness with an open heart.


Several more traits made me influenced me and I wanted to address her. As she is the lady who makes her family proud not making them feel that she is the girl rather she takes this as an advantage for making her family proud.

  • She stands firmly against the opposition and proves them wrong by showing them ho capable she is.
    She doesn't underestimate her willpower and keeps moving up.

  • No matter how the pole judges her by their appearance she has the strength to renovate everything.

  • She remains the best observer and learns everything, and when it's time to make a strong decision she goes to the king's way instead Of obtaining the shortcut.

  • She learns from her mistakes and fixes up when there is a need of doing it.

  • For me, she remained the powerful figure who inspires me each time when I need the motive to move forward.

This is my entry to the contest in which I have to answer the questions;

Which fictional character do you want to meet and why,? I would like to invite @amberkashif to this contest;here is the contest linkThanks to @ladiesofhive for this opportunity.


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