My Grandfather is my Fatherly Figure—I 'm alive and thriving Challenge—LOH Contest 138

Hello to the Ladies of Hive Community! Welcome to my blog. From many days, I 'm doing my best to participate in the Ladies of Hive Contest but I was unable to participate. Being a man, I 'm shy in writing about the most delicate and the most beautiful creatures of God. I have respectful and lovely feelings for all ladies either they are here or they are around me. Today, I was lucky to find following question in the LOH Contest 138 and I decided to answer it.

2️⃣ If you had a beloved "father figure" in your life (father, grandfather, uncle, family friend, employer, etc.) and would like to recognize them with a story, we'd love to hear it!

I 'm Lucky because I have my Grandfather as a father figure in my life and I shall like to write about him. My Grandfather is my friend as well as my father and I love him the most.
From my childhood, my father is doing job out of Pakistan. At the age of fifty, he still is sacrificing a lot for our good future. Recently, when he was in Pakistan I request him to stay as many days with us as he can. But he says, "If I shall stay in Pakistan sluggish then how I shall be able to see your bright future" These words were enough for me and I didn't do more arguments with him.
As my father are in Foreign hence the responsibility of a good father is taken by my Grandfather.

Grandfather, Image Source, Johnny Cohen

I learned the word Baba for my grandfather in my childhood. Still they are doing many fatherly job.

Childhood Tales:

When I was at six years old, my grandfather loved to share the stories about his life and experience. Now, I came to know about the importance of these stories. He had keen desire, the troubles he had faced in his life for a good experience will not be faced by us. This was the main purpose of these stories.

Traditional Rites:

My Baba is very traditional man. He is man of rites. He strictly recommend us to follow all rites that he had followed from his ancestors. For example, if there is a marriage of a poor girl in our neighborhood, it is our responsibility to bear all marriage expenditures because our ancestors had followed this rite.


My Grandfather is very compassionate man. He is kind to everyone. Especially, when any guest visit our home. He love to treat same like we treat with our family members. He also advised us to look after for poor children in our neighborhood.

Encourager and Leader:

My father always praises my grandfather. He always gives all credits of his success to his father. Whenever my father is hopeless, my grandfather is present to encourage him. He even has encouragement for us. My Grandfather is a leader that is leading a progressive family.

Image Source, Andrew Yurkiv

From avove four qualities, it is easy to recognize my grandfather as a father figure for me. May God bless him with happiness and prolonged life. Ameeeen
I hope, it will be a interesting post regarding my Fatherly figure. Thanks!

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