Fight Against Woman Violence | LOH Contest #163


Women are now been considered soft and weak and someone that can not defeat a man. This Theorem about woman need to be stopped. Woman need to know that they are strong.

Threat against women is one of the world's most widely spread human right abuse, that happened every time, around the world. Sometimes, it's either you hear on the television or radio or read it on social media, about women being abused either sexual harassment or forcefully attacked by stranger. The world is now changing and becoming more unsure, most especially for women.

Nowadays, Many women have to suffer pain as a result of physical, sexual and physiology abuse which isn't right. Physical threat such as slaps, hits, pushes, being thrown down, kicking, being burnt, stabbed or bath with acid while physiological abuse such as being threatened with injury or death or continual humiliation. To forcefully have sex with woman when she isn't willing is sexual abuse. These series of abuse have now been negatively affecting women's physical, mental, sexual, emotional pain, and some are exposed to virus such as HIV.

I support woman practice of self defense. However, The first and best self defense for Threat is situation awareness, woman need to be aware of their surroundings. Situation awareness is very important, If the road is dark change direction or don't walk alone, move in area where they're plenty people. Don't trust anyone, woman need to stop taking drink from someone, they don't know or leaving their drink unwatched. please, Don't be afraid to avoid or escape for trouble.

In addition, let learn to fight back either when there's weapon with us or not. Woman need to know that they are weapon. If you can kick the attacker, kick or Bite, if you can bite or If you can grab, grab but make sure to always aim the vital part of body like the eyes, head, and so on. also note, there's some weapon that are good for safe defense such as pen, small knife, Pepper spray always walk with it. Perfection is better than cure and also invest on learning Self defense Technique.

The last one is self confidence, remember that the attacker his trying to harm you, He wants to hurt you, to kill you, to violate you. Don't be afraid stand up to your toes, hold your head up, look into his eyes and fight back.

I grow up around woman, I love everything about woman and whenever I heard about woman going through Threat and abuse I always felt angry. Is right time woman learn to be bold, confident and self protect. Heaven help those who help themself.

Thanks you for reading my post!.

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