The Distant Hooting flute and The Sumptuous Dinner #109

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Hello, wonderful people of Hive! How are you today? I hope everything is fine and doing well. It is very exciting that the Ladies of Hive is having its weekly challenge again. This week motivates me to join the contest then. I am going to share with you my thoughts as regards the two questions provided.



All of us are having different favorites when it talks to musical instruments. Talking about mine it is the flute, I started to love this woodwind instrument way back when I was in grade 8. My teacher introduced this to us during our music subject. She taught us how to play with it and later she let us perform in front of the class. From then, I know how to play with it and started to love the flute that much.

This instrument is my favorite ever since I knew it because it is easy to perform. I just have to be acquainted with the notes and the corresponding holes in them. This instrument also is easy to carry (very handy), I can bring it wherever I go. It somehow can ease my boredom whenever I am not motivated to do anything. A big thanks to my music teacher for this learning I have acquired.

Since I know how to play with it, I also taught my younger sister how to do it as well. I informed her of the notes and the proper position of the fingers. It’s not difficult then, it just needs a correct way of breathing. The coherence of the movement of the fingers and the moment when you blow it must be done together.


Honestly, I have other instrument that I like too. It is the guitar but I have the difficulty in playing such. At first, practicing playing guitar hurts my fingers. I couldn't shift one note to another notes immediately. But if I have given another chance to practice playing it, I would grab it. There is no limit to learning in playing guitar, eagerness and patience are the attitudes needed to be successful to learn in playing this string intstrument.



In life, there are no assurances that tomorrow you will still alive or not. How you deal other people greatly affects one's life. We have to be kind but not to the point that someone will abuse our goodness. Everything has its limitations and all of us are aware of it. What is important is our good deeds.

God sees everything and he knows what is in our hearts. Our fate has written in his palms already, we can't fathom it. That is why I always thought that everything is passing by, enjoy every moment and give importance to all the things that I have. Appreciate small and big things because not all are given the privilege to have a kind of life as mine.


If this year will be my last birthday, I prefer to celebrate it with my family, relatives and all of my friends of course having a good food to eat. I will contact a particular event coordinator to arrange everything for this momentous moment will be successful. I have this thought that you will be remembered by the good things you have done and at the same time the bad things as well. We are not perfect, human as we are we commit mistakes.

During this last moment of my life, i will take the chance to extend my thank you for all the good and bad things things they have done to me and to say sorry for all the things that i didn't care to do for them. There are times that we are not aware of the things we do. Sometimes, for us it means nothing but for others it means a lot. Therefore, be mindful of our words is a must thing to do.

That's all for my entry for this contest my dear hivers! May it brings you peace and love.Thank you so much for your continuous support. Let us see each other again soon on my next blog. Stay safe and God bless everyone. Sending you my virtual hugs and love 😍 Spread Love and Forgiveness 😍

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