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The picture that came to my mind when i envisioned a society of women alone is a bunch of countries keeping malice and not talking to each other and for a society of men alone will be a world of armored cars and tanks at war.

Human beings are complex creatures and God knows this too thus the reason why he made man and woman. He knew that the both are important for a society to thrive.

But what happens when there is no man or woman? Just men or just women.

Which of them has better chance of survival?

I am very optimistic that a Society of women alone has better survival mode than a society of men.

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We are already in a society where women are clamouring for equality in Leadership positions and more active participation in politics,economic,social and cultural life.

It is said that men are the providers but today women are providers and some are doing much better at it than the men. There is this saying that women in my society use to motivate themselves and that is What a man can do a woman can do better.

In my tradition, a woman that lost her husband is asked to mourn him by staying sexually chaste for six months while a man can only mourn his wife for three months and then move on with his life. Men will always argue that they can't stay without a woman for long while some women can afford live all their life without a man.

Women can have an all women's party or trip and it would turn out great but men would never have fun without a woman being in attendance. So that gender sucks at staying on their own. They can't survive it.

There is a community of women alone already in existence and you all can google about it. These women train themselves to do everything by themselves without any man' assistance. They want to completely abolish the believe of some people that women are weak and need to be protected.

Where is my stand in all these?

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I have always loved being in the company of men because i find them to be more trustworthy and loyal than my female counterparts.

My bestfriend while in college was a man and also at work i prefer to go for any marketing storm with Peter because i believe i will have a sane day free from drama and much other women brouhaha.

So yes, Women has better chance of survival but we still need the male gender hanging around.


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