Want to Give up on Hive? LOH#117

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Hive is a platform that has endless opportunities for all kind of people belonging to all the fields of life. It is a home for bloggers, vloggers, gamers, developers and crypto enthusiasts. It is a space of expression for photographers, teachers, students, housewives, architects, engineers, doctors, story tellers, entrepreneurs and all the fields anyone may belong to.

However, sometimes Hive may be haunting to some people owing to the reason that they do not get enough support that they think they should. Here are a few musings and tips for someone who is thinking to giving up on Hive because her posts hardly get any readers, she doesn’t have much time to spend on Hive and the value of coin is low.

First of all, I would like to speak about low coin value. It is not just Hive that has been going through down trend but the crypto is facing bear market in general. The optimistic point is that unlike many other coins, Hive has a lot of reasons to thrive.

There are people who have staked millions of dollars on Hive, developers are creating new features, several new dapps are being built, several new projects are launched etc. In other words, there are people who have invested a lot on Hive and so they will not let it crash.

The low value of the coin is a blessing in disguise for those who are active on the platform. Since the price has gone down, people are less active. Those who are active have a higher chance of earning Hive rewards as there is lesser competition.

Low price is a blessing in another way also. When Hive has low price, you earn more hive as Hive power. For instance, if a post earns 1$ hive rewards, 4 hive power would be added to the account if hive has 0.25$ value. On the other hand if value of the coin in 1$, only 1 HP be added to the account.
In other words, the current low value of Hive is a high time for growing our hive power. When the market will go bullish your account's worth would be much higher.

Now, let me come to the issue of not getting many readers on your posts. Hive is like an ocean. You are just a small fish. How would any body come to visit you when they don’t know you exist?

If you want others to read your post, you need to visit and read their posts first. The formula is simple. Give and take. Go to other Hivers’ posts, read their content and drop a quality comment there.

Make sure that the comment is not just a comment but a quality comment; the words that demonstrate that you have read the post. When you read other’s posts and add value to their content by engaging with them, they also come to read your posts. This way, the readership increases gradually.

As someone who has many things to deal with in the life off-line, I completely understand the scenario where you do not have enough time to maintain consistency on posting and engagement. For such a situation, the formula is simple. Maintain a balance between publishing your posts and reading others posts.

For instance, if you have one hour every day (which is certainly not enough for doing both the task i.e. writing and reading) divide your days for the two tasks. You may write 2 or 3 days a week and read and engage the remaining days of the week. Remember that it is only engagement from your side that would bring engagement to you. What’s the point of writing everyday if there is no one to read you.

One tip for writing more in shorter time is to writer about topics that interest you. For writing original and quality content there is no need to research or sound very exhaustive about any subject.

Original content comes out from your first hand experiences. First hand experiences are easier to explain because you faced the details and you have thoughts and emotions about them. A longer post can be written in shorter time with what you experience right away.

You can write about a visit to market, your conversation with a friend or relative, thinking of a super hero while looking at a cloud, planning to follow a health routine, contemplating on the colours around you, wearing a new dress etc. Etc. There are innumerable things we go through in our daily lives. Writing on any of them is worthwhile.

You might be thinking that there is no value in such topics, but the case is opposite. Hive is a global community. Something that you think is known to everyone because it is common in your culture, it might be a shocking news to a reader sitting in an other corner of the world.

Moreover, our experiences might be similar but our thoughts are different. May be the reader has something more to add to your knowledge. One way or the other, there is always a value in sharing your experiences.

In conclusion, I would say if you really love writing, Hive is a place to be. Your efforts will not go unrewarded. However, it takes time to build your reputation, rewards and readership.

Instead of worrying about the low value of the coin focus on the positive aspects of the situation. Bring originality to your content by writing on the topics that belong to your real life. Last but not the least, for growing engagement on your posts, give engagement to others posts. The success is sure to come your way.


This post is in response to LOH contest # 117 scenario 1.

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