Another Market Friday

“Health is wealth," they say; but health is much more than that if we don’t take it for granted. Health is joy. Health is peace. Health is opportunity. Health is abundance. When there are issues about health in a family, everything disrupts badly. Yes, we all know this. I also do, but yesterday I felt it more.

For the last couple of weeks I was not getting time for any extra activity. I was quite away from my beloved Hive. Despite all the desires and want I couldn’t make to it. The reason is Health. Both of my sons were not doing well and my whole day spent in a way that I couldn’t understand when the day starts when it ends. When one member of a family is ill, it is not the unrest for the member only but for the whole family. Sometimes, even the extended family is also effected (depending on the severity of the case) especially when you live in joint family system. I also experienced this in the last few days when my husband’s brother’s wife was ill. It was all exhausting and tiresome.

Thankfully, every one is on the recovery journey now and the clouds of anxiousness and unrest have started disappearing. I hope the good time will continue longer. Huuuuuuh! Why have I been talking about health in a #marketfriday post. I don’t know. Hehe. Perhaps I am so occupied with whatever I have gone through last few weeks and I want to vent my feelings. There may be one more reason. I couldn’t hit my to-do list including the market visit due to all the health related circumstances. Yesterday, when health seemed to reign (though not completely still, yet to a great extent) again, I not only did many undone tasks but also could visit the market 😀.

Whenever I go to market, my kids have the demands for toys. I used to buy toys (though not very expensive) on my visit, but now I avoid. Rapid inflation has made it difficult to pay for the necessary item let alone spending on unnecessary. It is the time when we need to control our expenditure to keep up with the life smoothly. When I told my kids I was planning to go to market, they had the similar demand. Pointing towards the huge lot of their toys I told them that they have already many so I am not going to bring anymore but I would be bringing some fruits. So what I brought for them

Yeaaah! Banana and apple. They would facilitate their health by giving them calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. 😃. My younger son faced a platelets deficiency these days. It has been observed that apple juice is helpful in the recovery. That’s why I specially bought apples.

It is very heart-breaking to see that the food prices are reaching to sky. We can control our expenses on everything else but not for food. That’s the basic need for life but seems like the hype in prices would make people die from hunger. Tomato is one of the basic ingredients of our everyday meal.

In the last few weeks it hit the rate of 400 PKR /kg. Yesterday, it was being sold at 200 Rupees/kg. It is still very high. Only a couple of months ago its rate was 60 to 80 Rupees/kg but today it has gone beyond people’s reach.

For many days, I have been avoiding preparing the dishes that need tomatoes but it constraint the choices for meal. That’s why I bought some tomatoes this time.

Another thing that I needed for the day’s cooking was capsicum. My goodness! It was also 400 Rupees/kg. It used to be around 80 Rs./kg. I just took 1 capsicum as per my need. It is of no use to buy many and let them stale in refrigerator.

I also had to buy some smaller items for kitchen. I was looking for a specific basket for sometime. It went short. Actually, it was a nice item in the given price. Yesterday, I finally found them. This time the price was 25% higher, yet it was still reasonable.

The ever growing rates of fuel and electricity have made it impossible for the manufacturers to maintain the prices for their product. There is always a new price.

I also bought the adhesive hook.

My sister-in-law had bought it a couple of weeks ago. She bought it for 15 Rs./piece but yesterday the price was doubled i.e. 30 Rs. I asked the shopkeeper why should this item go up that high in price. He said the reason was its popularity. It has been promoted on social media and it has got fame. When the demand increases, the price also. We all know.

Sometimes, I wonder how many stages are involved in increasing the rates of any product. Something sold at a particular price at one shop is being sold at a different price on another. I had this experience twice yesterday. First for this organiser basket.

I liked this one because of its compartment distribution. It has 5 dividers with enough capacity. Well, I saw this at one stall where I found its price as Rupees 250. I thought he was selling at higher price because I have been buying such products on and off; according to me the price would have reached 200 by now. Later, I saw the se basket being sold at Rupees 350. I went back to the first stall and bought from there 😉.

Similarly, this strainer was of 200 Rupees at the first stall.

Unlike the basket, I had no idea about the right price. I just didn’t feel comfortable with that price, so I didn’t buy. At another smaller stall, I found the same product at Rupees 100. 😲... I don’t know how ethical it is to keep this much profit on a certain product. Isn’t it like fooling and looting the customer?

Well, another thing that I bought was this bunch of envelops.

It is common among us to give some currency notes as a gift on certain events like wedding, birthdays and alike. For packing that money, we need these envelopes. At times, it is not very feasible to buy on the spot. That’s why it is better to keep envelops in stalk so that the last time inconvenience can be avoided. The 12 pieces' cost me 100 Rupees. Aaaah! The price of paper, like many other things, has also gone so high. It feels like the inflation would squeeze us all.


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