My Favourite Musical Instrument: LOH #109

What is your favorite musical instrument and why? Do you know how to play it? If not, do you think there are limits to learning to play it?


Music is indeed one if the things God has blessed mankind with. Whenever it is played whether you are in a sober mood or a merry mood, it serves the same purpose.... soothes the soul.

There are many genre of music anyway. I love our African beats which is mingled either in gospel, RnB, or what have you. Many instruments are also employed when playing music. One that stands out really for me is the instrument known as "Udu" in Igbo language or pot drum/clay drum in English.

Udu or pot drum/clay drum when played produces resonant bass tones. Udu is made of clay and mostly played by women in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. It has two openings, one at the head and another at the side. It could be played with hands or fingers by hitting those openings in a rhythmical manner.

There is also a variant of Udu that has only one opening at the head which is then played with a foam by beating the opening at the head.

Udu looks like a vessel and is essentially made from clay. In fact the name "Udu" means vessel in Igbo language. The sound is unique when played in any music. I love playing the Udu too. These days however, modern musicians hardly use it anyway but it could be seen in local churches and during traditional festivities.

Udu is also used to store water but the focus here is the one employed as a musical instrument.

If this were your last birthday, how would you like to celebrate it and why?

Death is indeed a necessary end to all mortals. Even though people generally avoid talking about it, it will certainly come one day anyway. Assuming it is my last birthday, honestly I wouldn't know what to do or even how to celebrate it since death CANNOT be predicted.


However, if I am given a choice, I would love my best dishes to be prepared and used to entertain my guests. My favourite dishes are basically local foods, !LOL. Thereafter, I will have all my friends invited to grace the occasion. I would love to see all my loved ones attend the birthday; at least to have a final look at them before I say goodbye.

Then, local music should be played too to grace the occasion. Then, I'll make peace with all and say goodbye...

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