Show me your bag- LOH community contest #58

This bag must really be tired of me already šŸ˜¹ šŸ˜¹ šŸ˜¹ It's my favorite among others. Going to work, to church, shopping mall, hangout... I'm always carrying it, I love the fact that it is portable, can accommodate my most essential items and the fact that I can carry it as a cross bag or shoulder bag.





What do I always have in that bag?
šŸ¤”... Having a perfume in your handbag isn't a bad idea or is it?



Well, I don't always have one in my bag but considering this weather, I wouldn't want to be caught up smelling sweaty, I want to always smell nice and feel good... I just love smelling nice, I believe smelling nice brings you favour šŸ˜…šŸ˜…šŸ˜…
Very funny but that's my ideology.


Apart from a perfume, I have a lip balm, I wouldn't want to be caught up with a chapped lip in this weather and my lipstick šŸ’„ I have my small note and a pen as I always have to schedule my day in it and mostly important my sketch šŸ˜Š as I am getting the inspiration, I am sketching it down.


And yes, my flash drive, its an external storage for my phone, I have movies, books and some documents saved in it.
A hand sanitizer, a purse, I sometimes have my credit card and cash in it, I don't always go about with my card, my phone is always there to do the transaction, card less policy šŸ˜„

I'm really not a wristwatch freak, I prefer beaded handbracelet but I always have one in my bag and then my glasses when the seeing gets tough šŸ˜¹ a black needle and thread just for an emergency stitch.

For an ulcer patient like me, my bag never gets tired of accommodating antacid tablets, my phone sometimes get in my bag but not all the time, its always stuck in my pocket or held in my hand.
So, that's all and thank you šŸ˜

Ohh, yeah! What's in your bag?

I'm inviting @monica-ene and @phanthanhdie12 to participate in the contest.

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