Thanks to God for this great house. The topic for this week is somehow funny. But I think we need to talk about things like that here sometime. @thekittygirl did very well to bring out a topic like this one.

Do you know that sometimes I feel the same way. It gives me concerne how we struggle so much with the men and sometimes they don't even get to listen to us, feeling that we have nothing to offer. But that is a great lie.

I believe that if we have only women scattered all over the place, there will be peace. I said that because we always get humiliated by the men telling us that we are ordinary women. We have nothing to offer. But we sure do. We have lots of skills hidden right inside of us. We have great knowledge to carry out work and do it even more than we are expected.

With women alone, I believe that rivalry will reduce.
Most times one of the things that causes rivalry amongst the women is the presence of men. Once a woman sees her man with another woman, trouble will begin. She feels that the other woman has taken away her man. And so you see women fighting here and there. With the absence of men this will definitely stop.

Woman signify beauty. That means we are going to have a beautiful world just with women.

Women will have dominion. Presently, we have a very big problem deciding what we want to do. The men will want to control your life for you as a woman. But with women alone. We can do better.

Things to note:
Sometimes also women do have their own problem, by not easily forgiven each other. This also may cause problem in a little way, if is happens to be only women everywhere. But it will still be minimized to compare it to the problems we do have when men are available.

Though everyone is entitled to his own opinion. This is my own opinion for the week's contest.
Good luck to all the ladies in the house.

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