I have been confused of how to start this week's contest. Because I asked myself what can it be that I have and I value it so much that I want to share with the house.

This week's contest for me I will go with [ What’s the most useful thing you own?.] Not until I read these two great post: one by @trucklife-family which talked about you teaching yourself which is the best way of learning in life, and the second is by @ruffatotmeee who wrote about music being there for her in her sad moments. From there I have a little glimpse of what I will write on. Because I was short of ideas.

After that I remembered that I really do have something that is very special to me that I can share with this great house. All thanks to the ladiesofhive community for this great topic, because for me it made me have a rethink of my life and what I think I own that I can be proud of.

I looked round me and I see that the one thing amongst others that gives me joy and I can boast of is my education which I once shared in this house.

Before I went back to school, I was the type that is -
Afraid to talk
Can't confront an opponent because I feel that I am not
Always feeling inferior
Not wanting to associate with educated people, so as not
to be Intimidated by their grammar
Infact, I was just a shadow of myself. I cried everytime I see primary school mate who continued till when they graduated from higher institution and got a very good paying jobs, and are also leaving fine. I kept praying and hoping that God will make a way for me to go back to school and also become like them.

God finally answered my prayers and showed me mercy by helping me to go back to school in the year 2013. Since then, I came back alive and became happy again. I now can talk among my pairs. I no longer feel shy, no longer feel intimidated by the presence of educated people. I am a very happy person now on like before when I was always sad and easily angered by the presence of educated people.

Even if I don't have any other properties in life, I believe that I am okay, because to me I have gotten what I value so much and I treasure it as one will treasure gold. I can enter into place now that I can enter before, because I am educated now. I can also talk to people of different caliber because I am now educated. I have even written a book which I once sheared with this great house, all because I am educated now.

I appreciate my secondary school teachers who made me know that I can make it even as a married woman. I also appreciate my amiable lecturers who showed me the way and thank God that I followed. Though it has not been an easy journey, but I am still on it , and I believe that one day I will be addressed as Dr. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I know that I can achieve it by God's grace.

Thanks to everyone who out of her tight schedules, brought out time to read this piece. You are actually my encouragement.
I love you all.

All the images used in this post belongs to me.

I'm inviting @hivedeb and @nkechi and @nkemakonam89 to share with the ladies of hive community what they can teach us.

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