We need just a little justice for the woman race. (LOH #144)

Hello friends. I am happy to be home again with all the lovely ladies in the house. I guess I have missed this alot.

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The prompt for the week #144 by @joanstewart are too good that I feel like talking on them all. But let me pick the one that affect me the more. "Racial Injustice" just like our dear Mary Wollstonecraft said that she do not wish for the women to have power over the men, but over themselves. I love that. If only we the ladies will learn to have power over ourselves, I don't think we will be here today. I believe that greatness is meant for women too.
Racial injustice may be as a result of one race feeling more superior than the other race. Maybe because of our color or tribe or even educational status. Some race maybe lucky to have one thing that the other race don't really have.
But I want to talk about the injustice done to women in their homes and even in their marriages. I'm a Nigerian, and every average Nigerian sees a lady as a property to be sold or bought one day by a man. This applies to even the fathers. Though it has reduced now for that of the fathers, but it is still working in some parts of my country. Some of us when we were growing up, we were no happy as girls. Because there is this preferencial treatment that is giving to the boys showing that they are superior than we the girls. I grow up not liking the fact that I was a girl. I also wished that I was a boy so that I will be given such treatment. But I have no regrets whatsoever now that I am a lady. Infact, I will be given the opportunity to come back to This earth again, I will still choose to be a lady.

This kind of injustice should be put to an end. I had to tell ladies around me never to look down on themselves because they are ladies. I always tell them to be bold and do what is expected of them. Don't allow any man to take you for granted.

This is my little contribution to the weekly prompt for #ladies of hive community week #144.
Thanks to everyone. I love you all.

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