Learn from my skills on how to manage stress. (LOH #111)

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Stress according to Oxford dictionary - can be seen as "Emotional pressure suffered by a human being or other animal".
And this week we are talking about 👇

What is your formula for managing stress and becoming overwhelmed, if you've experienced it, during the holiday season?

Hello ladies of hive community. I welcome you all back to my blog this beautiful week. I believe we are all preparing beautifully for this holiday season that is coming. Stay happy and healthy.

Truth be told, holidays do come with lots of stress, especially for we the ladies. You will have a lot of things waiting for you to attend to. Also for mothers, the children are on a holiday, so they are also around you asking too many questions, demanding for so many things, walking around every where and disturbing the whole neighborhood. This alone brings it's own stress.

But when we shift the holiday to that of Christmas season, it is usually more stressful than other holidays. Reason being that you will have the Christmas celebration to prepare for and you will also have the kids and their trouble so to say, your husband is there at the other side, visitors are also there. Too many things to talk about.

these are the formulas that I use-
✍️ Rest when I am tied and don't have any strength to work.

✍️ Eat enough food to regain my strength.

✍️ Take showers at intervals when the place become very hot for me.

✍️ Give myself a little break and watch movies. I love watching movies because it helps me relax most times when I am stressed up.

✍️ Bring up discussion about things that gives me joy. Especially when we are working in a group and I feel stressed up, I can decide to start a discussion about things that I love.

✍️ Play music if I am working alone, or when I am making food for the family. Music gives me relief when I am tensed up.

This post is made in response to the ladies of hive community contest #111.

Thanks for the opportunity.
I love you all.

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