Ladies of hive community. Contest #96. Men gets to take more risk than the women in the CRYPTO world

Happy to meet all ladies in the house once again. I bring my greetings from Africa to everyone in this community.


For this week contest, I think I will like to go with the second question which says "Do you think men or women take more risks trading in the cryptocurrencies market, and why?"


Why do I prefer to go with this topic instead of the first one? I really want to go with this topic because looking at the cryptocurrency world women are some how lacking behind from my own perspective.

My answer is that men take more risk in trading in cryptocurrencies more than women. My reasons are listed below-

You know, in Africa where I am. Men feel that house chores is for women. So, a woman will go out like the man in the morning, come back sometimes even late, and all the house chores will be left for her alone. She goes into the kitchen with all the tiredness from her work place and do all the cooking, washing, laundry, bathing her kids, making sure that they eat very well alone. By the time she will be through with all of these, she will be worn out and never have time for any crypto business. So, how on earth will she have the time to invest in crypto?

Investing in cryptocurrency has to do with lots of research, always with the computer, to know when to invest or not. But she has been deprived of that by the kind of responsibility that is laid down on her.

I'm this case, men have all the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency, because they have all the time that they will be needing for that.

Yes, from my own opinion, men take more risk in investing in cryptocurrency more than the women. Not because she can't take the risk to do that, but because she does not have the opportunity to do so.

Unlike myself, I have all the time now to do crypto business, because my kids are all grown up, but if it was before when they are still small, I can't go for it. I will definitely be busy with my kids and the house chores.

I know that what I said may just be for us in Africa. It might not be the same everywhere. But, I speak from what I have experience. Anyone may have a different view from mine and is okay.

Thanks so much to the ladies of hive community for providing this great opportunity for us to share our views .

I am inviting @hivedeb and @Helenchy and also @nkemakonam89 to share with us in ladies of hive community how they have been investing in cryptocurrencies as women.

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