I wish to be a ghost that is holy, doing only holy things. ( LOH #107)

Thanks to all the ladies of hive community, and a special thanks goes to the person who brought about this week's contest topic. Is actually a contest that you have to think very well before venturing into it. I saw the contest topic on Sunday when it was released on Sunday in our discord channel, and I was like ' really!' ' ghost!' what will I be doing as a ghost. But when I sat down and think, so many ideas started bubbling through my mind.


"If you were a ghost and could possess people, what would you make them do?"

According to Oxford dictionary, a ghost is a spirit or soul. So, going by that, I want to start by saying that For this particular one I would love to say that every human being is being controlled by a spirit. It now depends on the kind of spirit controlling you. It may be a good one or a bad spirit. And that is the reason why you see people acting the way that they act.

Some do evil things depending on the type of spirit that is in charge of their lives. While others do good things also depending on the spirit that is controlling them. That is a great sign that we are either controlled by good or bad spirit.

Prior to that I would love to be a good spirit, using people to do only good things like:-

Helping the needy

Praying for bad people to change their bad lifestyle.

Healing the sick.


Making people rich so that their won't be suffering caused by poverty.


Seeing through their spiritual eyes where all the kidnappers are hidden, so that they will be arrested and made to stop kidnapping people.

Using their spiritual powers to stop bad politicians from winning election, so as to stop all the bad things happening in our country Nigeria.

Dictating people who have different kind of problems and helping them out of it.

In conclusion, people who are possessed by a good spirit only do good things that will help the lives of people around. While people who are possessed by a bad spirit only love doing bad things. They love seeing people suffer for no just cause. They love killing people and making life unbearable for people. I can see myself doing all these evil things.

I will also love to invite @nkemakonam89 to share with us what she will love to do if she were a ghost.

Thanks for the day and God bless 🙏

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