Hello friends. Happy new week to everyone in the house. We indeed have so many herbs that are used for medicinal purposes. And every one will have something to say about the particular herbs she have been using. For me, I have tried lots of them. The funny thing is that what works for you may not work for me. My body system may not accept or work with the herbs that works for another person. The only thing there is for one to discover what works for her and stick to it.

Just like I said before when I started, I have tried so many of them. But today I am going to share with us the one that works for me and what it does.

Three weeks ago I feel sick and I tried taken the drugs that was given to me at the pharmacy after the check up. The sickness subsided for a while. After about three days it came back, when I tried taken all the drugs I took and saw no good results from them, I decided to go the herbal way.

Herbs that I brought together:

👉🍊 Orange leaves

👉 Pawpaw leaves

👉 Mango leaves

👉 Lemon grass

👉 Guava leaves

Preparation process:

👉Dry them under the sun for about two to three hours.

👉 Wash then very well
👉 Get a big clean pot
👉 Add all the leaves together in the pot and add water
👉 Boil for hours to bring out the flavor of the leaves.
👉 Bring down and allow it to get cold.
👉 Pour it into a container and put them inside a refrigerator.

👉 Take for six days: morning, afternoon and night. Each bottle is meant to be taken for a day. Share onto Three and take.

The herbs are meant to cure malaria fever.

All the images used in this post belongs to me unless stated otherwise.

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