Celebrate yourself as a single mother, because it is not a crime to be single mother. (LOH #133)

All thanks to @merit.ahama for this week's contest. And I also appreciate @ladiesofhive community for providing this great opportunities for us the ladies to have a place we call home. It is also a great thing to know that we have the single ladies / mothers in mind. Sometimes I feel that they need us who are married to become an encouragement to them. Yes, sometimes been alone and having to raise their kids alone is not easy too.


This is a lead to the topic of the week. I decided to go with the first point which talks about been a single mother. If you are a single mother I want you to celebrate yourself because you are indeed a special person. What you are doing is what two people find difficult in doing. Raising the kids alone is one of the hardest job on earth. So, if you are in this category of ladies, thank God for the grace he has given you. What is means is that you have the strength of two people embedded in you alone.

Another special thing that they enjoy is the fact that no one dictatea for you how your life should be run. There are some married woman who cry every day because even when the get their money or anything else, they have to wait until they are asked to use it or nothing for them. Meaning that you are free like a bird, moving out when you wish and coming in when you wish. Some of us the married once don't have such privilege again. So, enjoy it.

Lastly, one of the greatest advantages they also enjoy is raising their kids they way it seems best to them. For a married woman who want to give her children the best may be restricted by her husband. They children may end up becoming something else because of the disagreement between the husband and wife. Single mothers don't have to go through all of these.

In conclusion, being a single mother is not a crime, please be happy and live your life to it's fullest. Don't bother about the way the society sees you. All that needs to bother you is what God says about you and what you think best for yourself.

I will love yo invite my friends to join us in this prompt @hivedeb, @helenchy, @desiredlady. @nkemakonam. Come over here and speak to us on the topic for the week.

This post is made in response to the ladies of hive week #133 prompt. Single mothers.

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