Dear Mom, Words Will Fail Me -LOH #185

Words can’t describe how I feel about you
So maybe this video will do
I have experienced love
But yours will always be exceptional
It’s no secret you were sent from above
And that’s why your love is unconditional

Your support is the reason I am here today
The sacrifices you make blow my mind away
“Don’t worry about me” You would alway say
“If you’re fine, I’m also fine”
Everyone can be a mother
But not everyone can be a mom
There are times I become a bother
But you remind me you’re still my mom

Everyone can care for anyone
But it only takes a true mom
To know what is supposed to be done
When it comes to this,
Mom, You top all the charts
And if I could make a wish
It would be to never be apart

When everything seems not to work in my life
You shine bright and make everything fine
Your encouraging words always make me thrive
And also push me to the finishing line
Without you, all I see is doom
But it’s amazing how with you I’m always sure
That everything in my life will bloom

The fact that you always put me first
Makes me know you are the best
Throughout these years
You’ve never made me thirst
It didn’t matter what you had to go through
All you wanted was to see me smile
Even when I didn’t have a clue
You’d always go another mile
I’m glad to have you by my side
And I will always love you till the end of time

Background music: All Day by Nicole
Video compilation done with InShot

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