TEKNOFEST is Turkey's first and only aviation, space and technology festival organized by many organizations that play a critical role in the development of national technology in Turkey.

Last Friday, I participated in the Teknofest 2023 festival held between September 27 and October 1 as part of a school event. We gathered in front of my school, Health Vocational High School, at 08.15 in the morning for the festival, which took place at Izmir Çiğli Airport this year. Our journey took 2 hours and we had fun with our friends along the way.

TEKNOFEST, abbreviated as Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, is a large festival where technology competitions are organized in various categories, air vehicles are exhibited, and technology companies promote.

The aim of the technology competitions organized here is to support and create new opportunities for the qualified young people growing up in our country.

It was great for me to see and experience the new technological products exhibited in this year's organization, which I attended for the first time. I liked the VR goggles the most. I walked around the virtual reality house and asked my friend to record those moments on video. I was watching videos of many people trying VR goggles and smiling at the strange movements they made, now I can laugh at myself.

I also had the opportunity to see and examine many aircraft closely on the ground. Our TEKNOFEST trip turned into a visit of information and observation rather than entertainment. I had the chance to taste Hatay Dürüm with my free food card. We left the festival at 15.00 in the afternoon and after a 2-hour return journey, I reached my home with the sweet tiredness of TEKNOFEST.

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