Choosing a small resin printer - comparison

So I murdered my 3D printer a few days ago. The resin vat got stuck to the LCD screen somehow and I ripped it right off.

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Very Sad

It was an older Elegoo Mars printer and up to now I managed to repair it when it broke. However the old type RGB screens this printer use are getting more difficult to get recently and I think it may be a right time to search for a new one.

The resin printer market changed quite a bit since I went shopping last time, so I think a small research will be needed before deciding on a particular model.
I have found a few resin printers comparisons online, but a lot of them like to take their time and tell a longer story. I want my comparison to be more to the point and easy to check quickly.

I was using my printer mostly for miniature printing, so I don't need a big printing volume. I am also on a rather tight budget for now. That's why larger printers like Elegoo Saturn and some more expensive ones are not included in the list.

Most of the prices are taken from manufacturers website and they may be different for different regions.

I won't be bothering with including information on design/looks in my comparison. I don't care much how the printer looks myself, it will probably be smeared with resin stains in a few weeks anyway.

I also included one new DLP printer from Elegoo, which is really cheap for DLP, but still about twice as much as the rest of them. DLP use different method to expose resin to uv light. There's no LCD screen there. It produces sharper prints.

Elego Mars 2 ProElegoo Mars 3 ProElegoo Mars 4 MaxAnycubic Photon M2Anycubic Photon M3Voxelab ProximaElegoo Mars 4 DLP
Build Volume129 x 80 x 160mm143mm x 89.6mm x 175mm195.84 x 122.4 x 150mm165 x 89 x 143 mm163 x 102 x 180mm130 x 76 x 155mm132.8 x 74.7 x 150mm
LCD Resolution2K4098 x 2560 px5760x36004096 x 25604098 x 25604K-
LCD Size6.08-inch Mono6.6-inch Mono9.1-inch Mono6.6-inch Mono7.6-inch?-
XY Axis Resolution0.05mm.035mm.034mm.034mm.040mm.050mm.052mm
Speed30-50mm/h30-50mm/hup to 70mm/hr≤ 50mm/hr. 50mm/hr≤ 50 mm 50mm/hr25mm/hup to 70mm/hr
Screen Protection?tempered glasstempered glassanti scratch filmanti scratch film?tempered glass
Air FilterBuilt-in active carbonUSB-powered air purifierUSB-powered air purifiernononoUSB-powered air purifier

Are there any 3D printers that I missed, do you have any experience with any of the printers above, let me know!

Thank you for your time!


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