3D Printed Light Rack Solution

Hello Everyone,

The past week has been a little slow on the Ender 3 V2 printer, but progress has been made nonetheless!

I ended up printing a light rack solution as a means to expand my indoor garden.

Building Frame
by anthoney84 January 06, 2021 , licensed under theCreative Commons - Attribution license.

I found this "building frame" on Thingiverse and decided it would suit my needs perfectly.

I didn't end up using all of the associated parts, as I ran into some printing problems with some of them, and also this started turning into a puzzle because the pieces don't fit certain ways. I opted to just use a couple different fittings, and everything turned out very practical in the end.

The support beams are 200 millimeter piping, connected with 2 way connectors, and the top is held together by 6 way connectors.

I utilized some zip ties for easy connecting of the LED lights to the rack.

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What I like about this the most is that I can raise and lower the height with these beams, and can also scale them to half the length (or smaller) and print more for precision height. For now these should do just fine.

This is a graptosedum bronze, a succulent plant which demands intense light and is the reason for one of these light racks being so low.

Here is some mixed variety flowers that have not bloomed yet and some lettuce. These require a further distance from the lights. There is some visible light damage from being too close, and is the reason one of these light racks is much higher than the other.

Is the viewer wondering what these light racks look like with the lights on?

Does the Hive community like this 3D printed light rack solution?
I would love to hear your thoughts, likes, dislikes, and/or ideas for other projects. I'm always open to suggestions!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! ~~@print3dpro

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