"Let's Go Brandon!"

Let's Go Brandon!

What's good Hive,

if you didn't hear it by now, you can check
Let's Go Brandon! right here. I found a
working YT-link.
Awesome Anti-Biden, Anti-Vaxx, Anti-NWO/Socialism &
Pro-Freedom Trap Track from Bryson Gray.
Lamestream Big Tech Media (YT) is trying to ban the video for
putting out medical misinformation..!!??
It's art, bitch/YT. Artists can express themselves how they want!
It's not the news at 8...tssss. Whatever, Big Tech is scared!
Check out my friends post @lighteye for the censoring
story, also reblogged in my Blog.


Pump it up...loud!😜

Here's the Follow Up from Bryson Gray:

And whatever "they" are censoring, creators keep on creating
and will win. Serious rap skillz in this one.

Respect Bryson! Let's Go Brandon!🤙 ✌️ 💪'sGoBrandon:0

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