Graffiti Lettering Contest #4 (GRIP)

This is my entry to @trippymane's Graffiti Lettering Contest #4 (GRIP)

I am not an artist, but like to doodle sometimes. The second I saw the prompt word "GRIP" for this contest, an idea popped into my head immediately! I tried to execute it the best I could. My eyesight isn't great sometimes and the arthritis in my hands keeps me from controlling the pens/pencils as nicely as I once could, but hey...

Our prompt word was: GRIP

So, my idea was a hand, making a fist and GRIPping the letters tightly. In fact, they are being gripped so tightly that the "dot" over the letter "i" is actually splurts of fluid coming from the letter as it ruptures under the grip of the hand. 😂

I only got a couple of "in-process" shots. Here is the first, after the letters had been penciled-in, and while I was inking:

Then one more shot after the inking was done and before I started with the colored pencils:

Other shots were not made because I was so immersed in what I was doing! I honestly don't know how real artists think to document a dozen-or-more steps as they work! But, there ya have it, my take on GRIP!




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