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30 B.C.

For the real history buffs out there, many might agree that the story of Mark Antony and Cleopatra are what inspired William Shakespeare to write his infamous 'Romeo and Juliet'. over 2000 years, the young queen of Egypt killed herself after being defeated by what would become the greatest Roman empire, with their armies led by Octavian Cesar who later changed his name to - Augustus. Whether or not it was an asp that she used after failing to slut herself to Augustus, is up for debate. What is known, is that Mark killed himself thinking she was dead and she killed herself shortly after. Sound familiar?

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We now honor those that are using our family tag - #thealliance. These 'history' posts are getting some attention as I also include my three picks for the time period between posts. The three creators are beneficiaries of these posts. What would be a good number for today? How about because I had trouble deciding on three and it took me an hour to read through the ones posted in the past day, we'll do 9%. Because, you know, some snakes are poisonous.

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