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On this day, 63 years ago, one of my personal favorite institutions was created by the United States and we began exploring the 'Final Frontier' - #NASA. The National Aeronautics Space Administration has brought us marvels beyond any earthly sight. Of course, it was created as a countermeasure to try and beat the Russians to an intercontinental nuclear weapon, but still, great things have come from it. I mean, @enginewitty is flying in a helicopter around #Mars and #Perseverance is taking pictures of UFOs up there! I think they are gun shy of the 'manned' exploration since Challenger blew up when I was kid. Seriously though. I'm going to build a submarine rocketship.

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We now honor those that are using our family tag - #thealliance. These 'history' posts are getting some attention as I also include my three picks for the time period between posts. The three creators are beneficiaries of these posts. What would be a good number for today? 50%? 2% 15%? We'll go with 10 today since good ol' Witty made his tenth successful flight up there around Ares.

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