👽“The darndest thing I’ve ever seen”😎


It was a bright red and blue and white light in the sky. We didn't know what it was, it was literally an unidentified flying object. When former president Jimmy Carter saw this alongside 20 or so other men outside of the Leary Lion's Club in Georgia those many years ago - before he was even governor - it shook the believing world. He even reported it and carried on his merry way.

This led him to promise the American public during his presidential campaign that if elected in 1976, he would share of every piece of information with us. Upon being elected, that promise was redacted and stated that some information may have 'defense implications' and were a matter of national security. Pansy.

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We now honor those that are using our family tag - #thealliance. These 'history' posts are getting some attention as I also include my three picks for curated content between now and the last issue. The three creators are beneficiaries of these posts. What would be a good percentage for these lovely humans? Since you don't know if I'm really a human or an alien in a skin suit, then we should slap all presidents that think 'National Security' is more important than being honest with your people. Do we really have the power anymore?

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