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Are you really familiar with where the story of the Lady in the Red Dress comes from? It was this day, 87 years ago, that a young Miss Anna Sage, wore an orange dress to a particular movie showing. The name of the show was 'Manhattan Melodrama' and was playing at the Biograph Theatre not far from her house. Her date was the infamous John Dillinger. In his time, before being shot those years ago, he was the mastermind behind over $300,000 in armed robbery loot. Today, that would be relevant to almost 6 million USD.

To get her own ass out of trouble, she made a deal with one J. Edgar Hoover (the same that got Bonnie & Clyde and several other gangsters and criminals) of the young FBI. There, at the cinema, they had lain a trap for John and she was to tip them by the orange dress she was wearing. However, in the street lights, that dress glowed a bright blood red and she became known as 'The Lady in Red'. The term now applies to any femme fatale or nefarious female that may be trying to seduce you for some reason or another. Right NEO?

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