New Witness Announcement -or- Community Appreciation & Support


Still Running

The Alliance Family has been around a long time - before communities were even a 'thing'! Three and a half years in the cryptospace is nothing to bat an eyelash at. One of the things we said long ago, when we first created this community, was that this is a marathon and we have no intentions of going anywhere off-course. It was a beautiful cornerstone for our foundation because - we are running this marathon with you - one step at a time.

The step we take today is setting up a #witness for the family (and all of Hive)! Maybe it will grow far beyond expectations and we can eventually turn it into a full node, but for now, it is just a plain old witness. If you have set @enginewitty as your proxy, then you are already voting the witness. If not, you can migrate here and scroll down or you can click this easy button and supply your vote approval for us.

Why The Alliance?

Since our inception, we have housed up to 500 members and currently support over 100 members on top of other communities. We really have a strong affinity for helping out the Latino demographic and have lent a hand for a long time to @talentclub, @fuerza-hispana and most recently, @hispapro. We have coordinated with other #communities and organizations in the past like @helpie, @youarehope, @adsactly, @welcomewagon, @steembasicincome and @qurator to name a handful. Currently, we have @theterminal, @freewritehouse, and @heyhaveyamet under our wings to help them grow and 'run with us' effectively. We do contests on occasion, have been known for unique curation efforts and even organize events and meetups to greet all of you in person.

Most importantly, above all the usual lovely #Hive interaction, is a warm element inside the Castle. We have rarely turned up our noses at any wanting participant and try really hard not to judge people based on ethnicity, locale or Hive Power. We treat everyone the same - as we wish to be treated - with respect. It doesn't matter if you are an artist, blogger, vlogger, in GEMS, in OCD, in PAL, a LEO fanatic or even a PIMP - we will love you anyway.

How Do You Become a Family Member or Friend of The Alliance?

Simply come hang out with us in the Castle or engage with us here on Hive! This won't guarantee any kind of #community support, that comes with networking with us and building a relationship. We do have a couple support accounts that we maintain to help our members grow. One of them, is called @fambalam. For those that remember the #steem days, that account has taken the place of @themothership. She crashed a while back and there were very few survivors. The way to get that support is to delegate 100 HP to the huggerbug. Do be told, you must be whitelisted for it to activate and the only way to do that is to join us in the Castle and associate with us.

We also have this account - @thealliance - which is the primary #curation account for friends and family. We ask that you donate 10% of your natural HP (before any incoming or outgoing delegations) to us. Thank you from us all, for everyone it has been helping and for your kindness by assisting each other in multiple ways to stay grounded here on Hive:

@katrina-ariel (@leiatalon)

We do acknowledge that some of you even have doled out far more than the 10% we asked for and some help in ways that aren't in any Hive transaction, you are angels on other peoples' shoulders. We do not harp on anyone to keep track of their delegations, but Witty does adjust accordingly. Feel free to tap one of the easy buttons down below if you desire to support the fam and its members.

Moving Forward

As one of our members once said, "It's all about community." That has stuck with us and our family structure for a long time. We still feel that it is a necessary component to anyone's success here on Hive, which is why we still - aren't going anywhere. We hope that supporting all of Hive by setting up this witness, will provide a little more proof of our commitment and dedication to the blockchain and all the fabulous things that have been born here.


Want to support the fam too?
You can-
Vote our community Witness!
Join #thealliance curation trail!
Come visit with us in The Castle!
Delegate to the family account - @thealliance!
50HP - 100HP - 500HP - 1000HP - 5000HP - 10,000HP - 50,000HP

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