"What do you do to stay balanced and positive whilst on lockdown?"


In these times of uncertainty caused by the pandemic that is sweeping the entire world, it is not easy to maintain a fair and responsible reaction at the same time, because the change in the questions of life generates different answers. Always in tune with the circumstances that move each individual, within the universal framework, @ecotrain with its QOTW of the week, encourages us to detail: "What do you do to stay balanced and positive while you are locked up?

With all that is going on in the current world situation it is so easy to be pulled off balance with the uncertainty. If you tune into mass media fear seems to abound! But what if you were to tune into your actual reality right at the present moment - what would it look like? Do you have ways to keep yourself more on the positive side? What uplifts you? How can you make your present moments the best they can be? Do you have any tips for folks experiencing lock down to make it a more positive experience?


Why does balance matter?

"Courage is a lack of imagination; cowardice, an excess of it. Balance is called prudence." (Anonymous)

When we are faced with overwhelming emotions that could threaten our inner and outer peace, we do one of two things: either avoid them or let them overwhelm us. Maintaining a balance between the two would be ideal, but logically this is much easier to express than to do.
Any self-imposed order is an act of balance, however precarious it may be. In the face of uncertainty, falling prey to the media tide is emotional suicide. Of course, they will never tell the whole truth, but at least fear is kept at bay.
In these cases, it is important to take steps to maintain order within the chaos and not allow circumstances, however serious, to take control of our lives.
Consequently, it is urgent to maintain the balance by letting our creativity flow into what deserves our attention above the many other interests that have been stealing our time and our lives. For this reason, and in the face of this calamity represented at this time by the mortality produced by the Covid-19 with the consequent social restriction and quarantine to avoid the total lack of control of the pandemic, we must take conscious and balanced measures, to keep the picture clear, make provisions that are consistent with our reality and "survive" as close to "live" as possible.

Surviving, living?

"(…) He thinks it should not say "live" but "survive" because it is not the same thing. Living is the same as before. Living was: Fighting. Reconciling. Being bored. Having fun. Talking. Shut up. "Life was that". (Carmen Amoraga)
Can you survive by living? An unusual question carries with it an equal answer. To affirm it is to detect that there are aspects of life that are superfluous in spite of seeming very necessary, share with many people at the same time, for example. Social distancing has become a return to family intimacy, lost by many, long ago.
For those who carefully observe the signs that go unnoticed by many, I would say that it is a lesson that we must relearn, that it is a message from the Universe to return to the path of valuing what matters and has been undervalued and passed on to a lower plane: The Family.
To return to old forms of interaction is presented with the passing of the days. The rush to get to work or school early is no longer people's priority. It is now time to get to know, recognize, value and seek strategies to "bear" and love each other based on individual and circumstantial acceptance. It is not easy, but here we go.
Confinement drives many people crazy, but not the Steemians because we have a "doctorate" in confinement and reducing an important part of our time to interaction in the blockchain. But, even this we must review at this time.
Life is reclaiming us, uncertainty is making us think about the time we have left to share. It is possible that much, it is possible that nothing… And, for this reason, it is wise to share it with those dearest to us, respecting the measures, although on this there are still divergences.
Before we were told "Life is outside", now circumstances and common sense show a change: "Life is inside, in your house" and it is promoted in all countries: "Stay at home" and although there are many corsairs in the streets and many rebels without a cause who do not believe it, prudence, logic, and emotion join to attend the call to sanity and life, because staying at home activating the energy of good coexistence, looking for alternatives to enjoy the moment, it is priceless, it is free.
In my case, in recent times, I despised the life on the street, because of the life behind a laptop screen. Now, that life is reduced to being locked up by imposition and necessity, I am no longer so attracted to it. I feel that I must share more with my house, with my grandson, accompany him in his homework and in his games, especially now that the home is more a school because the kindergarten homework comes to him via WhatsApp. And it's sweet, teaching the basics of school again and crazy to try to entertain a child with street games at home, but you can and even comets "run" around the house, although sometimes you throw them away, as if frustrated.
But even so, it's great to take advantage of the little moments in the family. The family is the centre that we must relocate in our time.

In response a @ecotrain on ecoTrain QOTW :JOIN US! "What do you do to stay balanced and positive whilst on lockdown?" If you want to participate the information and details are here
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