We are gods playing at being humans -THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK S4.E7 of Ecotrain

We are gods playing at being humans?

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To talk about where our inner strength comes from is to stop and think first about what the inner strength is and secondly where it is located, in order to then observe how it manifests itself in us.
And from the reflective point of Ecotrain week's question it is quite interesting:

Where do you think this strength comes from? Is it the same for all of us, or do we all find our strength in different ways? Is it a result of positive thinking and looking at things in an empowering manner? Does inner strength come from faith and hope in God or the divine plan? Does it come from the mind or the heart? Do activities like Yoga, Meditation, Sports give you inner strength? Or.. are we just born and predestined to be what we are because of our DNA?

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But what is inner strength?

For me, the inner strength comes from our higher self, the divinity that inhabits us and strengthens our humanity. We all have God within us and it is that divine part of us that operates on our behalf at the necessary moments. "Ask and it shall be given you," this biblical phrase sums up in some way the click that is activated within us when we need extra help.

Faith grants power. When you believe, you can achieve what you hope for. So, it seems to me that there is a direct relationship between faith and inner strength. But, I also know that there are people who do not have a spiritual belief system, but possess inner strength capable of sustaining it and taking it wherever it wants to go, which might suggest that inner strength is more mental than spiritual. However, that is relative because just as there are people who think they don't believe in anything and at the last minute surrender to God or whatever it is that represents him, so can the inner force have more than one centre to manifest.

Can thinking positively and looking at things in an empowering way nurture inner strength?

Thought is the seed of action, if we think positively, we will act on, towards, the positive, which is a source of empowerment, a power that comes from a mind that is centred, channelled, balanced. Mens sana in corpore sano that is why I do believe that meditating or practicing yoga concentrates and gathers strength from us and for us, which increases spiritual strength. Then, a harmonious body-mind-spirit generates full inner strength to move forward, to give us the power to face life and its circumstances.

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Can we be predestined to be what we are because of our DNA?

Every day more genetic influences are discovered in our behavior and ways of reacting to the vicissitudes of everyday life, than we know, but not everything in us is given by genes, there is much cultivated, much learned at the university of life. Much of us, of what we are comes from the encounter of our being with the world. So, I don't think we are predestined by heredity to live what we have to live and react and face up to how our genes learned, our inner work is important for our growth as people.

Our power comes from the inside out, but that outside influences our growth, shapes us as well as our heritage. We are a combination of factors that make us wonderful and unique individuals, capable of creating a garden of dreams to decorate our reality, with our tenacity, creativity and drive to succeed. We are gods playing at being humans to feel emotions or, perhaps, humans rehearsing their divine qualities to live with the intention of being better people every day.


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