The voices of intelligence - Question Of The Week #23

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The voices of intelligence

When one is part of groups of certain power in any governmental or even private sphere, there are always aspects with which one does not agree, but one must follow the line of action dictated by the policy of the organizations, which form "trust" teams to protect them.
For a long time there have been confidentiality agreements between trusted personnel and bosses or high officials within the organizations that, inevitably, generate secrets. It is a way of operating with a certain degree of "consensual" manipulation, making sure to keep track and control of everything that is in their interests.
This week's question leads us through this mysterious tunnel to uncover certain aspects of "secrets" that help the spheres of power to remain inflated, operational, and isolated or inaccessible to any point or pin that might threaten to deflate them with the truth they misrepresent.

Textually, this is how it is presented:

This week QOTW is getting serious! In a nutshell ... we're asking you to report something or someone and reveal a secret! It could be something related to work, or when you were part of a group or committee that made decisions ... it could be anything, no matter how big or small. Why are we asking you to do this? We ask you to reveal a secret for a few reasons. One reason is to see how many of us keep secret for some reason. One reason is to see how many of us keep secrets that reveal something about the way companies operate and this world.

I believe that the whistleblowers will be the final step toward the end of predatory capitalism and change toward a better way of life. We now have the technology to meet our survival needs very easily, and even to experience great comfort and abundance. What stands in the way of us being allowed to live and meet our basic needs without having to sacrifice our whole lives? The system gets in the way and continues to hold us back. As we move through this COVID19 pandemic and our systems and economies weaken, their ability to hold us back will also weaken. I believe that everything is linked by a common thread ... secrets!

In my case, I can talk about how people trusted by the government are placed as strategic pieces to impose "under string" fundamental changes in the social, political, economic, and cultural aspects of a country, starting with formal education.

I worked for several years in the function of the District Education Supervisor, which is the highest hierarchy that a teacher reaches through regular promotion in the scale of my country, Venezuela. After that, the promotion is political.

However, this is not fulfilled since the so-called "21st Century Socialism" was installed, everything depends on the government's policy and its interest in remaining in power.

I came to occupy that position for seven years without following the line of promotion since I jumped from being the Educational Coordinator of a dependency of an educational institution to being a Supervisor attached to the school district of the Educational Zone of my state without having been a Deputy Director or a Principal.

At first, they hid the fact that those selected to occupy that important position in the educational field did not comply with the promotion scale, but rather were chosen by them, the high officials of political weight.

What was the point of putting "trusted" people into management positions?

To ensure loyalty, commitment, and unconditionality of blind, deaf, and dumb.

I came to the School District from a friend, who was not only a leftist political fighter but a believer in the project advanced by the late President Hugo Chávez. I was not and am not a politician, but I had a postgraduate degree in Educational Management and was loyal to my friend, hard-working, and honest.

Believe it or not, the higher you are in the chain of command, the more enemies you have, and the more people willing to stab you in the back to take over. For that reason, the "plugged-in" politicians are looking for loyal people more than prepared people, on the way they would even out the burdens to achieve what the government wanted: to end social ascendancy by way of study and meritocracy.

I carried out my function in the assigned Educational Centers, from my own point of view in different ways, disregarding calls to reproach, pressure, and impose by force changes without logic, but of premeditated interest for what they were weaving. But in the end, the depression made me sick because everything became more and more radical without me being able to make a difference and so I quit.

Among the first things that changed in the educational world to depress the inspiration to study university careers in the future was to equate the salary of the janitors with that of the teachers, that is, the message was "you don't need to study to have a job that covers the needs of life" and many vigilante janitors began to earn more than teachers and managers.

It seems exaggerated, but this moved the janitors more, in the beginning than the rest of the school collective. They didn't understand how it was possible that without any preparation or study they would have the same income as the teachers with all their meticulous and important work, those who had to educate their children and fill their minds with dreams.

Parents are the first inspirers for their children and they always want their children to be better and more studied than they are to improve their lives, to have their own criteria and decision.

Then they eliminated any activity that would awaken a spirit of competition among the students and instead created opportunities to advance in the educational system without passing in the conventional times. Teachers were pressured to approve everyone according to government resolutions.

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“An ignorant people is a blind instrument of its own destruction”

A mentality of facilitation was inculcated that quickly took root in the people, to the detriment of showing the value of work. They opened popular University Centers, with dubious instruction through televisions on weekends that graduated many people without any quality, but much availability for what the government required. They lowered the budgets of traditional universities and invested in pseudo-universities for the purpose of political indoctrination.

They changed everything, strengthening quantity over quality. They infiltrated all educational organizations, from student organizations to collectives and unions. They silenced the complaints with all kinds of repression. They put an end to aspirations that did not have a party political principle. They empowered their acolytes to do and undo with the public purse and left the people who oppose them without hope of change.

The government, well advised by foreign experts, disarticulated the educational system to silence the voices of intelligence, to create people without the vision of lights, only of deceptive opportunities, people who live pending of bonuses to survive and not of dreams to live with dignity. Because as our Liberator Simon Bolivar said: "An ignorant people is a blind instrument for its own destruction".

Now, they became shameless, protected by a cloak of impunity, repression, and discredit. The government has acted with knowledge of the cause: to systematically bend the people in order to appropriate the power indefinitely…

And this is no longer a secret.


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