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Do We Still Have Freedom Of Speech?

Freedom of expression is a chimera much appreciated by humanity, but hijacked since the world is the world.
When we are asked if we feel that it still exists, it is because the idea is conceived that at some point it was and is lost or is being lost... I think it's always been an illusion.

According to @ecotrain:

Censorship is something that is happening under our noses, and has been for quite a long time now. We have gotten used to our social feeds being censored by companies like Facebook, but that is what they do. They provide a feed that is based on what THEY want you to see. You Tube used to censor only the most radical and hate-related or clearly abusive content. It appears that speaking out in public or sharing controversial views are as good as illegal in many parts of the developed world, and most of our news and media come from just a few huge companies.

And, specifically, questions us:

Do we still have free speech and democracy? Is censorship justified to prevent terrorism or hate speech, or do you think those rules are being abused? What do you think we can do to change this? Is protesting even legal anymore? What is a good way to protest in this digital age?

However, I would say that, like the much sought after and valued Freedom, the expression of human activity has always been regulated by other more powerful congeners. This is the turning point in everything that moves among us as a species: Power.

I'm just guessing, but I believe that whoever governs the flow of information and knowledge wields power. That is why it is so coveted, revered and protected by the few who have it, turning us into mere puppets who think we are holding our strings, but we are not. They, the ones who keep the world as it is, have done so since history records it.

What do I think is happening now? Globalization has been a double-edged sword for them. As a civilization, we are becoming a kind of Babel, in the sense that as you ascend into the "heaven" of knowledge, ancient wisdom becomes tangible and the same "language" begins to be spoken around the world thanks to the Internet. But, this is not in the interest of the rulers of the world, they are interested in War and not Peace, Discord and not Concord, Hate, and not Love. That is why they are pushing censorship buttons, they want to stop what is being spilled, that drip that is leaking is impertinent to their job of drying up the bird of truth and replacing it with paper birds.

All the illusion of separateness that has been sown in us has been shattered, because bad than good, now we communicate beyond words, we know each other beyond distances, we connect above the template recreated in the form of dualisms: good-evil, paradise-hell, black-white, rich-poor, east-west, gods-demons, native-foreign, and, if we look closely: they-we.

That is what we have been led to believe by their own interests in keeping where and how they are which, of course, has nothing to do with the empowerment of humanity, nor with our advancement or well-being. It all comes down to maintaining the status quo, to keeping control of everything.

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Do we still have freedom of speech and democracy?

Freedom, justice, and democracy are some of those paper birds that, after so much naming, searching and hunting, have come alive and feathered in our minds and hearts. They have made us believe that we enjoy rights that are not really granted to us, they have made us believe that we live with freedom, justice, and democracy, being a lie. Now, we want that, we aspire to that, because we value them as a necessity of our being.

Both freedoms of expression and democracy are difficult human values to achieve because there are so many factors that make this not a reality. A free man, truly free, is a threat to the men who hold control of humanity. That is why Freedom and democracy have so far been nothing but fallacies.

What those of us who enjoy certain degrees of freedom of expression and democracy have experienced is an illusion allowed in this theatre that is life. Therefore, according to my perception of what the great spider is weaving, it is not that we have ever had freedom and democracy, it is that something is tightening the balance of the world and in the face of the possibility of changes in the order of things, the rulers are closing ranks so that the shock wave that has been gaining ground in terms of immediacy and openness does not continue.

They are interested in human blindness and distraction because it makes us more manipulable, not that we are not now, but that they are more easily exposed, their tricks have been uncovered and their steps are being predicted, although most of us are kept asleep inside this nightmare set up to immobilize us. Now, their sewage system is being uncovered, many prepared people are snoring at them in the cave, which does not necessarily mean that a period of clarity is approaching, it may be the opposite, because the powerful will darken the paths so that what has always been under our noses is not seen.

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What can we do to change this?

Changes are necessary but require preparation and knowledge to walk through them. It is not easy, never really has been, to walk without a compass. It seems that humanity has advanced on the path of life with a borrowed compass because progress seems to be part of a funeral walk: two steps forward and one step back.

To change the order, one must recognize it as an enemy and unbalance it on its own terrain. But, first it deserves to be recognized, located and that has not been possible so far. The secret societies, the false prophets, the select families, the economic power, and the weight of all this has created a "Hydra of Lerna", a mythological monster with several heads that regenerates two heads for each one it loses. So much secret tissue has made them impenetrable and invulnerable until now. Therefore, it is still very difficult to reverse the current state of how the world is managed. That is why they abuse the power they have: they move in the dark and have eyes and ears everywhere.

Anyway, at least something is shaking the world. There is a reason they are taking the trouble to intervene, censor, and try to catch the nets already cast. I have a feeling that something is going on, something they don't like and over which they are losing control. That's why we must not give up on the intention to create connections, to denounce, to discover, to share...

Something has to change, coming out of the cage in which they have locked us up, with the wings of their own paper birds.


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