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No one bathes in the river twice

Change is a constant in every person's existence, and yet we are so afraid of it. Change implies getting out of the comfort zone and many times adapting to the new situation becomes complicated. However, when there are no options, when there is no way to avoid the situation that presses for change, we are left with nothing more than following the tide, dodging the dangerous waves and keeping an eye on the new waves; because there will be them.
In the case of all the changes imposed as a result of the enthronement of Covid19 throughout the planet, they are certainly difficult for many to digest because they have been radical. We have gone from living with relative free will to subjecting ourselves to the capricious action of a microorganism that has stopped the world and plunged most of humanity into social alienation and forced confinement for reasons of health and health security. A necessary change in lifestyle. And, as @eco-alex tells us for this QOTW:

If there is a word I would use to describe COVID19 it would be CHANGE! Our lives have already changed immeasurably since last month, but the changes are not yet complete. We are in the eye of the storm, and when the dust settles we will have to put our lives and our world back together again, only in a different way. We can't go back to the way things were, because it is gone. The only way is forward, which is a great thing, and an incredible opportunity for change. Not only are we seeing outward change, but having all this time on our hands has meant that we have also seen a great change happening deep in our hearts and minds. The world is unified, whatever the circumstances, and together we all sit in virtual silence, for as long as it takes for this first wave to pass.


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"If we want everything to stay the way it is, everything has to change."

(Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa)

This paradox reveals a secret of change, one changes to move the circumstances, to improve, but improvement has to do with the look and the look with the attitude. So, although change is inherent in everything and everything is subject to change, we living beings cling to the known by pretending that there is no change.

However, when changes are imposed by a superior force, there is no other action than to stick to the proposals for joint solutions, for it is together that we can survive. If recommendations are ignored and everyone does what they want, chaos will eventually take over and with it a possible end of era.

The point is, will our lives be reduced to survival? Of course not! Life will find its way to normality. But which normality? The one we know or the one we're about to know? Without a doubt the one we are about to know because irremediably this sanitary catastrophe that has taken so many people and has imposed a style of life that we did not have, but also a stop to many forms of distorted interaction, has to bring positive changes because not everything can be negative.

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"Nothing that was ever is again, and things and men and children are not what they once were"

Ernesto Sábato

Nothing remains, everything moves forward, and this that submits us today will be no exception. Will we ever be the same again? Maybe. Will we be different? Maybe we will.

In reality, the future is in unknown territory and we cannot stop moving forward or making judgments about what the future will be or what it should be. However, hope adventures us along those paths and "hopes" that everything will be better than it was. We hope that this emotion will make us value what we had and did not appreciate until we saw it lost: freedom, the outdoors, harmonious coexistence, teamwork, family games, family community. And, if we look at it well, the rescue of the FAMILY is what brought this evil imposing a good.

So we'll go back to who we were? Of course not! We'll be better. Whatever it means to be better for our view of the future.

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"No one bathes in the river twice because everything changes in the river and in the one he bathes in.."


Just what will our new world look like in a few years? How much of our daily life will the internet take up, will we still be glued to our devices. Will food production be dramatically reduced, with only seasonal fruit and vegetables available to most? Will it come to pass that in 2022 you could be arrested for eating a banana in winter time in London? Will our phones become mandatory, and track our every movement. Will people start leaving cities because they can no longer server so many people?

All these questions are an attempt to rationalize uncertainty, but that is not possible. Much of what will happen will not be in our hands, although there is a wise saying that the change we hope to see in the world must begin with us.

Centralization will not allow us freedom of choice, it will impose it on us. For example the use of the Internet, I imagine it will continue because somehow it is in your interest, perhaps it will be restricted for reasons of ability to pay, but there will always be ways to access it, because it is an advance of humanity and something higher can come up, but to return to non-virtual interactions I do not see it as an option on the plate. Not because we cannot adapt to living day by day only with the people around us, but because as always there are centralized interests behind every technological advance. If anything has been demonstrated in these times of Covid's reign19 it is that we humans have a wonderful capacity to adapt and when required, we give, we adapt in order to survive.

But when it is said that everything changes in life and in people, it is said that there is an order from which we do not escape: change. Nature takes it over and so do we, despite our "out of control" maniacal control. And I say "out of control", despite our mania for control, because we act almost on instinct and accommodate ourselves to whatever tomorrow brings. The tomorrow we can see is full of changes and a renewal in the styles of production and consumption and we will have to adapt and be more protagonists of those changes in order not to become dehumanized.


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In risponse to @ecotrain in ecoTrain Question Of The Week: "What changes would you like to see happen after Covid19"



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