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If it sounds too good to be true it probably isn't?...

This time, the question of the week leads us to explore how much we trust others, how much others are worthy of trust, how much we expose our faith to betting on the offerings of others which, however good they may sound, may turn out to be hollow scams, because as the world is the world, we human beings move on slippery ground when we trust strangers with some delicate matters. The tendency to deceive is very common in most human societies, and good faith is not always enough to distinguish a con man from an honorable person.

Therefore, when some offer sounds too good to be true, the natural reaction of most people is to be suspicious, to investigate, to ask for advice and any action that helps to clear up doubts, because unfortunately there are a lot of crooks hunting for the sucker of the day.

One hears so many, many stories of scams, "Chilean packages" and misleading offers that we become paranoids, skeptical, distrustful, or at least too cautious, and this causes us to miss real opportunities that require immediate action or decisions.

I, in particular, am one of those who let opportunities pass by because of the uncertainty generated by the risk of betting on something about which there are no certainties and depends only on the fertilizer of trust in someone unknown. However, I admire people who bet on and win in target shooting, without a clear target.

I remember that some years ago, looking to rent an apartment with an option to buy in a residential complex with an ocean view, I stumbled in the elevator with a man who offered me a penthouse at a very affordable price because he was leaving the country. The price of the rent was within my means, he offered me a year's rent and the option to buy through a mortgage, but I was scared! because I was overwhelmed by how good the opportunity looked and at the same time by not knowing for sure if I would be able to negotiate on my own because my family was also scared because it seemed too good to be true.

Many years have gone by and I still resent not having had the courage to enjoy at least the year's rent in that privileged place because I love the view of the sea and I love its closeness. Around the same time, I was presented with another less stressful offer in terms of mortgage coverage pressure and I took it. It worked out well for me, but it could have been better if I had risked more.

I believe that it is good to believe, it is good to trust in the opportunities that the Universe provides us, but within me also sprouts the seed of mistrust that sometimes creates a protective fence for us, but also takes away our energy to react to good opportunities and faith in the goodwill of others that, because they are unknown or have a dubious reputation, we do not take the opportunity it provides.

«Cunning as snakes and simple as doves»

Many times in life we feel trapped by the negative or are ready to take the step towards victory, that is why we must be "as cunning as snakes and as simple as doves"(Matthew 10: 16). When snakes enter new territory, use their camouflage to go unnoticed, and that is prudence. Simple as doves, it speaks to us of being innocent, simple, harmless. Then, balance again knocks on the door of human behavior to establish relationships of trust, acceptance, and faith: "If you feel surrounded by wolves, remember to be wise and cunning like snakes and simple and innocent like doves". Therefore, we must believe and trust based on our intuition and divine guidance. "If God is with us, who is against us?"(Romans 8:31)


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