Covid-19, a death crown?

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When a global epidemic breaks out, it sets off justified alarms and also the consequent media show to grab attention and have the boom as bait to secure audiences and raise their own ratings. The misfortune of many turned into the fortune of few, or as @ecotrain would say in the preamble of this interesting QOTW:

Something like, "Warning, the information you are about to receive is completed biased, based on wild exaggeration, misrepresentation of figures, fear and manipulation, and serve to meet our own objectives rather than to inform you of the truth." Maybe one day they will give us the facts and figures in a way that isn't designed to scare us into not moving. Now,. don't get me wrong, telling be the facts and advising them how to be safer is not a bad thing. Nor is suggesting people in high risk areas take extra precautions.

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The covid-19 will infect us all?

In my view, given the magnitude of the havoc caused by the covid-19 virus in several countries, there is very little that ordinary people can do except avoid some emotional exposures such as panic and real ones such as knowing the symptoms, for diagnosis and care.

You have to consider and adopt health measures, strengthen the immune system and avoid, as much as possible, spending more time outside the home than necessary. This, in the case of countries that have already been visited by the contagious virus. Because, the truth is that if you are in a high-risk area, nothing guarantees that you will not be infected even if you follow many controls.

What do we know about the coronavirus and its route around the world?

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So far, it is known to be a type of virus that mutates too easily, even from wild animals infected to humans as they say happened in the population of China where it originated. The initial symptoms are similar to those of the flu, but it attacks the respiratory tract, even collapsing it and producing, in extreme cases, a respiratory arrest with a fatal outcome.

According to the information given by the health authorities, it is a virus that, because of the way it is transmitted, usually lodges in the average drop, that is, it takes a meter and a half or two, for the drops emitted through sneezing or coughing of an infected person, to reach us, but it does remain lodged in the places and objects, hence the importance of continuously washing your hands with soap and water.

According to the talks promoted through different serious means to make known what is true about this virus, the incubation period is fourteen to twenty-one days and the symptoms are presented with fever and dry cough. Once the fever starts, the 48-hour period is the most critical. It mainly attacks men over the age of forty and does not appear to attack children. The treatment is symptomatic, just like the flu, because there is nothing specific to that virus and if a family member contracts the virus, those who have to care for them should wear masks, gloves and a gown, to keep the spread at bay.

As is known, the virus has already crossed the border of China: South Korea, Iran, and Italy first, and then continued to other European nations, mainly Spain and France. At least one case has already been recorded in Nigeria (Africa)
and a few nations in the Americas: Mexico, Ecuador, and Brazil.

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The Covid-19 in Venezuela

May God catch us in confession! The conditions of the country are not such as to fight an epidemic of this nature, but if it is already so close, it is irremediable that it touches us.

According to government reports, Venezuela has the infrastructure, technological equipment, and qualified personnel for the diagnosis and certification of coronavirus. And, so far, they mentioned that some suspicious cases have been ruled out.

There is uncertainty and fear in the environment about this, as we do not have easy access to medicines for fever and flu discomfort, due to the high cost and reduced stock of medicines in pharmacies. So I don't want to imagine how that issue will be handled. For the time being, there is a public alert and expectation that, I would bet, it will explode in panic when the first cases are reported, because a population that is poorly nourished and emotionally helpless for so long that has been subjected to hardship, could more easily give in to contagion with serious consequences, adding to the poor state of hospitals and health centers.

So we cannot fail to recognize that this virus is a death sentence for some and has taken the lives of many people in the world. Whether we like it or not, it exists, it spreads, and it could touch us closely. So, it is up to us to avoid risks and senseless exposures that we could replace with caution, common sense and much prayer that this virus will move towards its own elimination.

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By Zeleira Cordero @zeleiracordero

For your kind reading, THANK YOU

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